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NRCS-Michigan Operation and Maintenance Plans for Conservation Engineering Pract

For Conservation Engineering Practices

Written Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Plans are required for all practices installed with NRCS technical or financial assistance. The O&M Plan shall be prepared by the designer prior to the installation of the practice. Operation and Maintenance are defined as follows:

Operation - The administration, management, and performance of non-maintenance activities necessary to keep a practice safe and functioning as planned.
Maintenance - The recurring activities necessary to retain or restore a practice in a safe and functioning condition, including the management of vegetation, the repair or replacement of failed components, the prevention or treatment of deterioration, and the repair of damages.

O&M requirements are determined by the complexity of the practice, program requirements, safety concerns, and special requirements for potentially hazardous practices. In some instances, these requirements may refer to, or include, manufacturer instructions and operator manuals specific to the products being installed.

Implementing the O&M Plan is the responsibility of the landowner/producer and will require labor, funds, and management. Therefore, O&M Plan requirements shall be discussed and agreed to with the landowner/producer prior to beginning the installation of the practice.

O&M responsibilities begin when practice installation is completed and shall continue until the end of the design life of the practice. For potentially hazardous practices, O&M shall continue as long as the hazard exists or until the practice is decommissioned or as may be required by Federal, State, local and tribal laws and regulations.

Generic O&M Plans for NRCS-Michigan Conservation Engineering Practices are provided below in Microsoft Word format so that they can be modified by the designer. An individual O&M Plan should be customized for the conditions associated with the specific site where the practice will be installed.

NRCS-Michigan Operation and Maintenance Plans - Practice Name (code)
These documents requireAdobe Acrobat Reader orMicrosoft Word

A - B - C - D -F - G - H - I - KL - M - O - P - R - S - T - U - V - W

Access Road (560) Pond (378)
Agrichemical Handling Facility (702) Embankment
Fertilizer Only Excavated
Pesticides Only Pond Sealing or Lining – Bentonite Treatment (521-C)
Pesticides and Fertilizer Pond Sealing or Lining - Compacted Clay Treatment (521-D)
Amendment for Treatment of Agricultural Waste (591)
Pond Sealing or Lining – Flexible Membrane (521-A)
Anaerobic Digester (366)
Animal Mortality (316) Pond Sealing or Lining – Soil Dispersant (521-B)
Aquaculture Ponds (397)
B Pumping Plant (533)
Building Envelope Improvement (672) R
C Recreation Land Grading and Shaping (566)
Channel Stabilization (584) Roof Runoff Structure (558)
Clearing and Snagging (326) Roofs and Covers (558)
Closure of Waste Impoundments (360) S
Composting Manure (317) Seasonal High Tunnel System for Crops (798)
Constructed Wetland (656)  Sediment Basin (350)
 Embankment Pond Spoil Spreading (572)
 Excavated Pond Spring Development (574)
D Storm Water Runoff Control (570)
Dike (356) Stream Crossing (578)
Diversion (362) Streambank and Shoreline Protection (580)
Drainage Water Management (554) Structure for Water Control (587)
Dry Hydrant (432) Subsurface Drain (606)
F Surface Drain, Field Ditch (607)
Fence (382) Surface Drain, Main or Lateral (608)
Fish Passage (396) T
G Terrace (600)
Grade Stabilization Structure (410)   Trails and Walkways (575)
Chute Spillway U
Open Weir Drop Spillway Underground Outlet (620)
Pipe Drop Spillway V
Grassed Waterway (412) Vegetated Treatment Area (635)
H Vertical Drain (630)
Heavy Use Area Protection (561) W
I Waste Storage Facility (313)
Irrigation Pipeline (430) Pond
Irrigation Reservoir (436) Stacking Facility
Irrigation System, Micro-irrigation (441) Tank
Irrigation System, Sprinkler (442) Waste Transfer (634)
Irrigation System, Surface and Subsurface (443) Waste Treatment (629)
Irrigation Pipeline (430) Water and Sediment Control Basin (638)
Irrigation Water Management (449) [Conservation Sheet] Water Well (642)
K Watering Facility (614)
Karst Sinkhole Treatment (527) Surface Water Livestock Access
L Trough or Tank
Land Reclamation, Abandoned Mined Land (543) Water Well Decommissioning (351)
Land Reclamation, Currently Mined Land (544) Wetland Creation (658)
Land Smoothing (466) Embankment Pond
Lighting System Improvement (670) Excavated Pond
Lined Waterway or Outlet (468) Wetland Enhancement (659)
Livestock Pipeline (516) Embankment Pond
M Excavated Pond
Milking Center Wastewater Treatment (796) Wetland Restoration (657)
Mine Shaft and Adit Closing (457) Embankment Pond
Mortality Composting (317) Excavated Pond
Obstruction Removal (500)
Open Channel (582)
On-Farm Secondary Containment (319)