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Irrigation Links

NRCS National Engineering Handbook Part 623 – Irrigation - Section 15 - Irrigation
NRCS National Irrigation page
Michigan Department of Agriculture GAAMPs(Generally Accepted Agricultural Management Practices)
MSU Extension Irrigation Web page

NRCS National Engineering Handbook Part 652 - National Irrigation Guide

Irrigation Documents

This document requires dobe Acrobat Reader
NRCS-Michigan Conservation Sheet, Irrigation Water Management to Protect Ag Resources

NRCS-Michigan Irrigation Training Materials

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2010 Classroom Agenda

Handouts & Presentations from 2010 Training

Soil-Plant-Water Relationships
Introduction to the Soil Water Plant Environment

Basic Types of Irrigation Systems
Irrigation Equipment Options
NebGuide Operating Characteristics of Center Pivot Sprinklers
Michigan Water Use Regulations

Michigan GAAMPS for Irrigation Water Use

Types of Water Sources, Pumps and Transfer
Water Sources for Irrigation

Irrigation Economics
Estimating Annual Irrigation Costs - Center Pivot Example
Estimating Annual Irrigation Costs - Traveler System Example

Safety around Irrigation Systems
Safety Around Irrigation Systems

Scheduling and Moisture Monitoring Tools
Irrigation Scheduling - Overview, Tools and Examples

Practice Standards
Irrigation Water Management (449)
Irrigation System - Sprinkler (442)
Irrigation System - Microirrigation (441)

Resource Concerns Associated with Irrigation and  How to Identify
Resource Concerns Associated with Irrigation
National Planning Procedures Handbook, Supplement M17, Checklist of Resource Concerns
Irrigation Water Runoff and Potential Soil Erosion
Michigan Technical Note: Agronomy 43, Instantaneous Application Rates and Runoff
Michigan Technical Note: Agronomy 44, Common Terms Used in Irrigation Water Management Training

System Evaluation
Irrigation System Evaluation - How and Why
CPED Sample Printout
WISH Nebraska Sample Design Printout

Documentation Requirement for Practice Certification
Michigan FY2010 EQIP and AWEP Irrigation System - Sprinkler (442) Checklist
Operation and Maintenance Irrigation System, Sprinkler Code 442
Michigan FY2010 EQIP and AWEP Irrigation Water Management (449) Checklist
Irrigation Water Management to Protect Agricultural Resources, Conservation Sheet 449

USDA Program Contract Management for Irrigation Practices
MI-EQIP 10-5, Program Sheet: Irrigation Water Management (449) and Irrigation System Sprinkler (442)