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National Resources Inventory

The National Resources Inventory (NRI) is an inventory of land cover and use, soil erosion, prime farmland, wetlands, and other natural resource characteristics on non-Federal rural land in the United States. NRI data are statistically reliable for national, regional, state, and substate analysis.

The 2001 NRI

The 2001 NRI results are limited to national level estimates on the status and trends of various land use data.  Regional and state specific information is not currently available. 

The 1997 NRI

The 1997 NRI is the most extensive inventory yet conducted, covering some 800,000 sample sites, representing the Nation's non-Federal land-some 75 percent of the Nation's land area. At each sample point, information is available for four years-1982, 1987, 1992 and 1997. From this time series, changes and trends in land use and resource characteristics can be estimated and analyzed for a 15-year period. In future inventories NRI data will be collected continuously, allowing for annual analysis of dynamic environmental trends.

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Other Land Use Data Sources

The Changing Midwest Landscape - U.S. Forest Service North Central Research Station.   The purpose of this site is to describe the spatial distribution, direction and intensity of the changes that have occurred on the biophysical and social landscapes of the Region over the past two decades.  Changes in Land Cover, Forest Characteristics, Plants and Animals, and Human Demographics are portrayed.