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NRCS-MI GIS Announcements

USDA-MI Section Maps

The USDA-MI Section Maps have been updated to include the 2012 NAIP aerial photography. Users are encouraged to review the GIS Skill Builder for detailed information.

NOTE: These maps are intended for in-house use by USDA-MI employees only and are not available for public download.

USDA-MI users are reminded not to mass-download these maps due to network performance issues. Viewing the maps online and/or saving individual maps (when necessary) is totally acceptable. NRCS-MI staff who wish to keep a local copy of an entire county should contact Brent Stinson, NRCS State GIS Specialist. 


Client Geodata Privacy

The confidentiality provisions in Section 1619 of the 2008 Farm Bill forbid NRCS from publishing or distributing any client-specific geospatial information without the client's written consent.

Examples of unacceptable geospatial data disclosure include, but are not limited to:

  • Distributing any representation of a client's tract, field, or conservation practice information
  • Public display of digitized field boundaries when the physical location is stated or can be determined
  • Publishing land unit information, including tract numbers and acreage
  • etc.

GIS Skill Builder Updates

In order to comply with the above-mentioned information disclosure policies of the 2008 Farm Bill, NRCS-MI GIS publications will no longer contain real-life scenarios. All existing NRCS-MI Skill Builders have been modified to exclude any references which could be interpreted as being in violation of NRCS geospatial data disclosure policies.

Users are asked to destroy all NRCS-MI Skill Builders which were printed and/or downloaded prior to 2/1/09.


Geodata Updates

2012 NAIP

The National Aerial Photography Program (NAIP) imagery for 2012 has been processed and is being transferred to ITS for deployment. It is expected that the updated imagery will be completed within the two months, depending on ITS workload and scheduling. Updated ArcMap project templates containing "NAIP 2012" layers will be deployed along with the imagery.

CGI Framework v12b

The State of Michigan Center for Geographic Information (CGI) Framework version 11a data update has been deployed to all field office servers. This data includes transportation, hydrography, government units, cadastral data, etc.

35mm Slide Scanning

Scanning has been completed for all counties for which slides were available. This imagery consists of all of the available FSA 35mm compliance slides for each county, often dating back to the late 1970's. These slides are critical to the NRCS wetland determination process and are being digitally captured to prevent further deterioration. Those interested in acquiring scanned 35mm slide data should contact Brent Stinson, NRCS State GIS Specialist.


Adobe Acrobat Document35mm Imagery Status Map

Software Updates


NRCS-MI ArcMap Tools

NOTE: Due to limitations of the nationally-mandated Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) standard, end-users are no longer permitted to load the NRCS-MI Tools ArcMap utilities. The tools may only be installed by International Technology Services (ITS) staff with administrative privileges. Existing installations will not be affected, but new installations, (and re-installations), must be performed by ITS staff.

Training Updates


ESRI Virtual Campus

USDA has renewed the Virtual Campus agreement with ESRI, allowing continued access to self-paced, online, GIS training courses. The location of the website for NRCS personnel to use in signing up for an online course is now located at the NEDC website at:


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