Customer Service Toolkit

Customer Service Toolkit 2004 (Toolkit) is the primary conservation planning tool used by NRCS, conservation districts, and technical service providers. Toolkit is used for conservation planning and design, layout, and evaluation of approved conservation practices. It is integrated with Microsoft Office and ArcGIS software for the development and management of Conservation Plans, using tabular data and spatial data. With Toolkit, not only can you create and check in customer data to the National Conservation Planning Database (NCPDB), you can also check out customer data from the NCPDB. In addition, the customer data is made available to the Performance Reporting System (PRS) and the Program Contracts System (ProTracts).

The purpose of the Michigan Toolkit site is to supplement the national site with training and support information developed for use in Michigan and sometimes incorporating Conservation Program and Planning Policy specific to our state

Toolkit Online Help

Help Guides

These documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader
Setting Toolkit 2004 Preferences (839KB)
How to link a National Conservation Planning Database Record to a file that is not in F:\Customer Files Toolkit (170KB) 9/6/05
How to create a new customer folder in Toolkit 2004 (213KB)
Customer Folder Tabs (1.16MB)
        Topics Include:
        -Checking a customer in or out
        -Changing the customer's county
        -Releasing a folder lock
        -Adding/changing decision makers and associated customers
        -Assistance notes

Getting started in ArcGIS (for Toolkit) (332KB)
        Topics Include:
        -Copying in the county template
        -The Toolkit toolbar
Add land units in ArcGIS (261KB)
        Topics include:
        -Importing land unit shapes from ArcView
        -Creating a new planned land unit layer
        -Adding planned land units to an existing layer
        -Attributing planned land units
        -Linking unmapped planned land units to shapes
Copying Land Unit Features in ArcGIS (GIS Skill Builder) (250KB)
Land Unit Editing in ArcGIS (76.8KB)
        Topics include:
        -Opening a layer for editing
        -Digitzier on/off indicator
        -Land unit editor digitizing toolbar
Adding Practices in ArcGIS (173KB)
        Topics include:
        -Creating a practice layer
        -Digitizing point, line and polygon practices
        -Attributing practices
        -Displaying practices with NRCS symbols
Opening an existing ArcGIS Project  (323KB)
The Practice Schedule and Plan Wizard (1.1MB)
        Topics Include:
        - Selecting Conservation System Guides
        - Scheduling Practices
        - Creating a Plan Report
The Contract Wizard (1.2MB)
        Topics Include:
        - Preparing to Start the Contract Wizard
        - Adding a Contract Item
        - Splitting One Practice into Two Contract Items
        - Adding a Non-Cost Shared Contract Item
        - Creating a Contract Report
        - Adding 'Standard Statements' for CRP or WRP
Reporting Progress in Toolkit