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Michigan Technical Committee

Michigan Technical Committee (MTC) Information

The Michigan Technical Committee (MTC) is comprised of both governmental and non-governmental leaders representing environmentally related disciplines.  The committee is chaired by the State Conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Michigan.  

The MTC was formed as mandated by the 1996 Farm Bill to analyze conservation issues, make recommendations and suggest guidelines for conservation programs.  It provides a forum for public input and facilitates maximum coordination between federal, state, local and private conservation efforts.  

Resource specialists from MTC member agencies and organizations serve on eight sub-groups of the MTC.  These sub-groups report to the MTC with their recommendations. The MTC as a whole makes recommendations to the Michigan NRCS State Conservationist.  The State Conservationist makes the final decisions regarding program management and implementation of Farm Bill conservation programs.

MTC Recommendations for Fiscal Year 2016 Program Implementation


Meeting Minutes

MTC Members List

State Technical Committee Information - from NRCS national Web site