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Michigan Civil Rights Advisory Committee

Welcome to the Michigan Civil Rights Advisory Committee web page.  This page is provided as a reference for Michigan NRCS employees on statewide civil rights activities, as well as special emphasis program activities scheduled throughout the year.

Special Emphasis Program Pages

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Michigan Civil Rights Advisory Committee By-Laws
Title 230 of the General Manual - Part 404, Civil Rights Advisory Committee

  • Program Complaint Process
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Process
  • National Civil Rights Website
  • Non-Discrimination Statement
  • USDA Secretary's Civil Rights Policy Statement
  • Required Posters - NRCS Civil Rights Division listing of posters to be prominently displayed in all offices where there is an agency presence. The posters are to be placed where they can be viewed by employees and customers.

  • Committee Members

    Eddie Glover, ASTC-FO, Chair
    Allison George, Member
    Sharcy Wieczorek, Member
    Stacy Filipiak, Member
    Lisa Johnson, LBGT SEPM
    Frank Velazquez, Hispanic SEPM
    Sandy Penn, American Indian/Alaska Native SEPM & Advisor
    Silvester Perez, Veterans
    Tamarra Roseburgh , Black SEPM
    Tiffari Jenkins, Federal Women's Program
    Orlandous Curry, Disability SEPM
    Jason DeMoss, Asian/Pacific Islander SEPM


    Employment Opportunities