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Michigan Conservation Course Catalog

Michigan NRCS training courses are listed alphabetically below, click on the title to see a course description. Course offerings in a given year are determined by demand and budget considerations.

Course Number Course Title
NRCS-MI-000019 Agrichemical Containment Facilities – Module
NRCS-MI-000246 *Agricultural Waste Management
NRCS-MI-000043 Applied Economics for Conservation Planners
NRCS-MI-000247 *Appropriations Law
NRCS-MI-000048 Aquatic Habitat Management – Module
NRCS-MI-000012 Basic Conservation Assistance
NRCS-MI-000023 Basic Engineering Surveys for Conservation Practices – Module
NRCS-MI-000079 Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan Training
NRCS-MI-000020 Concrete Inspection – Module
NRCS-MI-000013 Conservation Marketing Skills
NRCS-MI-000014 Conservation Planning
NRCS-MI-000052 *Conservation Buffers
NRCS-MI-000151 *Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) Training
NRCS-MI-000022 Critical Area Planting – Module
NRCS-MI-000053 Cropland Wildlife Habitat Management – Module
NRCS-MI-000152 Crops 101 - Soil loss prediction – water erosion
NRCS-MI-000153 Crops 101 – Soil loss prediction – wind erosion
NRCS-MI-000154 Crops 101 – Conservation tillage and residue management
NRCS-MI-000156 Crops 101 – Weed ID and pest management
NRCS-MI-000157 Crops 101 – Harvest final
NRCS-MI-000044 Economics of Conservation Planning
NRCS-MI-000091  *Effective Training Location Leaders
NRCS-MI-000056 Evaluating Wildlife Habitat – Module
NRCS-MI-000057 Fence – Module
NRCS-MI-000058 Forage Harvest Management – Module
NRCS-MI-000059 Forage Identification and Inventory – Module
NRCS-MI-000060 Forest Stand Improvement – Module
NRCS-MI-000061 Forest Wildlife Habitat Management – Module
NRCS-MI-000024 Grade Stabilization Structures - Module
NRCS-MI-000025 Grassed Waterway and Diversion Planning, Design and Construction – Module
NRCS-MI-000062 Grassland Wildlife Habitat Management – Module
NRCS-MI-000092 How to Run a Field Office- Module 1 - Administrative Services, Financial Management, Personnel
NRCS-MI-000093 *How to Run a Field Office- Module 2 - Conservation Planning and Application
NRCS-MI-000094 *How to Run a Field Office- Module 3 - Ecological Sciences, Engineering
NRCS-MI-000095 *How to Run a Field Office- Module 4 - Equal Opportunity
NRCS-MI-000096 *How to Run a Field Office- Module 5 - Resources Inventory, Soil Survey
NRCS-MI-000097 *How to Run a Field Office- Module 6 - Land Treatment Programs, Project Development and Maintenance
NRCS-MI-000098 *How to Run a Field Office- Module 7 - Operations Management, Strategic Planning and Accountability
NRCS-MI-000230 Introduction to Customer Service Toolkit
NRCS-MI-000064 Introduction to Michigan NRCS – Module
NRCS-MI-000026 Making and Using Soil Surveys – Module
NRCS-MI-000066 Manure Application Risk Index & Michigan Phosphorus Index
NRCS-MI-000070 NRCS Communications
NRCS-MI-000213 Nutrient and Pest Management Considerations in Conservation Planning, Track 1 Nutrient Management, Part II Facilitated Session
NRCS-MI-000241 Nutrient and Pest Management Considerations in Conservation Planning, Track 2 Pest Management, Part II Facilitated Session
NRCS-MI-000027 Pasture and Hayland Planting – Module
NRCS-MI-000029 Plant ID Trees and Shrubs – Module
NRCS-MI-000030 Plant ID Wetlands – Module
NRCS-MI-000071 Plant Materials Program Implementation & Utilization
NRCS-MI-000035 Prescribed Burning
NRCS-MI-000045 Prescribed Grazing – Module
NRCS-MI-000073 RC&D – Module
NRCS-MI-000074 *Retirement Preparation
NRCS-MI-000031 Tree/Shrub/Windbreak Planting – Module
NRCS-MI-000076 Using Soil Surveys in Urban Areas – Module
NRCS-MI-000077 Watering Systems for Livestock – Module
NRCS-MI-000032 Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management – Module

* Course Description not Available