Plant Materials Program

National Ash Tree Seed Collection Initiative

The National Ash Seed Collection Initiative, started at USDA-NRCS Rose Lake Plant Materials Center in 2005, is now being handled by U.S. Forest Service National Seed Laboratory. For more information visit the USDA Forest Service Web site below.

USDA Forest Service - National Seed Laboratory - Ash Seed Collection Great Lakes Restoration Initiative - This Web page contains resources for volunteers to collect ash seed for genetic preservation.

Ash-Related Links

Emerald Ash Borer Info - Web site created by the USDA, USDA Land Grant colleges and the Michigan Department of Agriculture to provide up-to-date information on the emerald ash borer and related efforts.
National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation - The National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation conserves genetic resources of crops and animals important to US agriculture and landscapes. The center will store the collected ash tree seeds.

Plant Materials Program

The Plant Materials program provides native plants that can help solve natural resource problems. Plant material may be developed for uses including biomass production, carbon sequestration, erosion reduction, wetland restoration, water quality improvement, streambank and riparian area protection, coastal dune stabilization, and other special conservation treatment needs. 

Researchers at the Plant Materials Centers seek out plants that show promise for meeting an identified conservation need and test their performance. After species are proven in performance, they are named and released to commercial growers for production and sale as conservation plants to the public. The work at the Rose Lake Plant Materials Center is carried out cooperatively with state and Federal agencies, commercial businesses, and seed and nursery associations.

For more information on the Rose Lake Plant Materials Center, and the National NRCS Plant Materials Program, go to the Rose Lake Plant Materials Center Web page.


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The Rose Lake Plant Materials Center
Plant Releases Available to Commercial Growers
Alcona Germplasm Dillenius' Tick-Trefoil
'Affinity' Northern White Cedar
Grant Germplasm Panicledleaf Tick-Trefoil
Icy Blue Germplasm Canada Wildrye
'Imperial' Carolina Poplar
'Indigo' Silky Dogwood
Koch Germplasm Prairie Sandreed
'Lancer' Perennial Pea
Leelanau Germplasm Highbush Cranberry
'Magenta' Hybrid Crabapple
Marion Germplasm Dillenius' Tick-Trefoil
'Roselow' Sargent's Crabapple
Riverbend Germplasm Silky Willow
Southlow Michigan Germplasm Big Bluestem
Southlow Michigan Germplasm Indiangrass
Southlow Michigan Germplasm Little Bluestem
Southlow Michigan Germplasm Switchgrass

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Plant Materials Specialist

Dave Burgdorf

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PMC Staff

John Leif- PMC Manager
John Durling- Agronomist
Sergio Perez - Biological Technician
Elaine Gerona - Administrative Assistant

Contact the Rose Lake Plant Materials Center

Rose Lake Plant Materials Center
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National Plant Materials Program