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News Release

USDA Providing Funds for Farmers to Monitor Water Quality

Funds Available to Farmers in Two Michigan Watersheds

EAST LANSING, June 9, 2014 – Farmers who are interested in how their farming practices affect water quality are encouraged to apply for U.S. Department of Agriculture funding to monitor edge-of-field water quality.

The USDA is accepting applications until July 18, 2014, for financial assistance to install water monitoring equipment at the edge of crop fields and to analyze the data that is collected. In Michigan, farmers in the Mid-Shiawassee and Hayworth watersheds are eligible to apply. The two watersheds are located primarilty in Shiawassee and Clinton counties.

Farmers use the data collected through edge-of-field water quality monitoring to assess how effective their conservation efforts are in reducing the amount of nutrients in water leaving their fields. Participants have the option to authorize the release of the data collected on their fields.

Financial assistance for edge-of-field water quality monitoring is provided through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. More information is available on the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website at