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Conservation of Private Grazing Land

Approximately five percent of Michigan's agricultural land is pasture for animal grazing.  Properly managed grazing land provides benefits to animals and farmers as well the environment.

Grazing Information 

Extending the Grazing Season. Conquering the Summer Slump. Forage Research. Fencing Ideas. Weed Control. If you have questions relating to these and other range and pasture topics, there’s plenty of information on the Internet.  The following is a brief a listing of grazing information available. 

Tips for finding information:
1)  The "research" or "publication" button on a website may lead to the most useful information.
2)  Check the website's "links" to locate more detailed information.
3)  Most websites include contact information to call or e-mail specialists.

Grazing Specialist
Betsy Dierberger
Phone:  517-324-5265