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Technical Guide: Draft Standards and Specifications


The following draft documents are available for comment.  Please send your comments via e-mail to the individual specified.  Please do not make changes directly on the document itself.  Rather, indicate in your message the exact location in the document that you would like to see changed, i.e., lst paragraph, 2nd sentence or 2nd page, last paragraph, lst sentence; then indicate the change or give comment. 

If you would prefer to mail your comments, please send to:  NRCS, 967 Illinois Avenue, Suite #3, Bangor, ME  04401.  Thank you.

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Some of the following documents require Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Excel (.xls)

Code Practice Name & Unit Discipline Draft Standard Deadline for Comments Submit Comments to:
367 Roofs and Covers (No.) Engineering X March 5, 2016
372 Combustion System Improvement (No.) Engineering X

March 5, 2016
378 Pond (No.) Engineering X March 5, 2016
441 Irrigation System, Microirrigation (Ac.) Engineering X March 5, 2016
442 Sprinkler System (Ac.) Engineering X March 5, 2016
521D Pond Sealing or Lining Compacted Clay Treatment (No.) Engineering X March 5, 2016