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Maine Bulletin 450-13-12

                                                                                     April 17, 2013

Subject:  TCH - Forest Management Plan (106) - 2013 Conservation Activity Plan Checklist

Purpose:  To announce the revised Forest Management Plan Conservation Activity Plan (CAP) Checklist (106) located in eFOTG under Section III - Conservation Activity Plans Technical Criteria - Forest Management Plan Critical Activity Code (106).

Expiration Date.   September 30, 2013

The following revisions have been made to Forest Management Plan CAP (106) Plan and Review Checklist:

  • Added “Purpose” and “Instructions”to first page.

  • No. 3- “Existing Conditions” – Added a link to the Web Soil Survey website
  • No. 5 – “Forest Management Plan Documentation” - No.7 Added the following statement:

“For management practices include the planned practices and site specific specifications on how, when and extent (acres/numbers) each practice will be applied”.

  • No. 5 – “Forest Management Plan Documentation” – No. 8 – Added the following statement:

“For engineering/structural practices, include when and extent each of the planned practices will be applied; also include location on the Conservation Plan Map”.

  • No .6 – “Deliverables” –Added the following statement:
  1. Complete hardcopy for the client.
  2. Complete hardcopy and electronic copy of the plan for NRCS:
  • Digital Conservation Plan Map with fields, features and structural practices
  • Digital Soils Map

Optional – Use of the Plan Template developed for this CAP is optional, but recommended.  Managing Your Woodlands National ATFS FS NRCS Joint Management Plan Template, dated February 21, 2011.  This template is available as a .pdf fillable form (contains a digital signature field) as well as a MSWord document.  These templates and a User’s Guide are available on the TSP website at

Contact.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact Gerald Barnes, State Forester at 207-990-9580 or email


/s/  Juan C. Hernandez


State Conservationist