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Civil Rights Advisory Committee - Maine

The Civil Rights Advisory Committee is responsible to the Equal Opportunity Officer for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Maine.  The State Conservationist is the Equal Opportunity Officer.

The Committee serves the following functions:

  • Identifies and brings to management's attention any trends, problems, issues, or concerns. 
  • Monitors recruitment practices and makes recommendations for ensuring that under-represented groups are made aware of employment opportunities for career positions, temporary summer employment, or special appointments.
  • Focuses the attention of management on specific personnel practices or problems of an EO nature which are producing or could produce dissension and dissatisfaction among employees.
  • Monitors the policies and overall effectiveness of the Affirmative Employment and Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Programs with regard to recruitment, hiring, promotion, and retention.
  • Acts as a forum for an exchange of ideas and action proposals on sensitive issues, matters, or concerns of an EO nature.
  • Promotes and communicates the efforts of management to achieve and operate a realistic and ongoing Equal Opportunity program.

Committee Bylaws

2011-2012 Business Plan

Meeting Minutes

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

Maine's Ways to Meet or Exceed in Civil Rights and EEO (.pdf)

Calendar of Events

State Civil Rights Advisory Committee Meetings
All meetings will start at 10:00 a.m. in the State Office Conference Room unless otherwise indicated.

No other events are scheduled at this time.

State Civil Rights Advisory Team Members:

Name Position Office Telephone No. Email
Amanda May Co-Chair (FSA) State Office 207-990-9154
Amanda Burton Co-Chair (NRCS) Augusta Field Office 207-622-7847
Cindy Green Member (NRCS) Houlton Field Office 207-532-2087
Debra Gray Member (NRCS) State Office 207-990-9552  
Mike Dennison Member (FSA) Lewiston Field Office 207-753-9400
Mary Anne Coffin SEPM/Outreach Coordinator (FSA) State Office 207-990-9140
Chris Jones Multicultural Program Manager (American Indian/Alaska Native; Veterans; Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender; Asian; Hispanic; Black) (NRCS) State Office 207-990-9563  
Helena Swiatek Federal Women's Program Manager  (NRCS) Houlton Field Office 207-532-2087
Stephanie Landry Disability Program Contact / Human Resources Assistant (NRCS) State Office 207-990-9501
Brian Vigue Advisor / Administrative Officer (NRCS) State Office 207-990-9567
Elaine Tremble Advisor / State Outreach Coordinator (NRCS) State Office 207-990-9569
Ken Gustin Advisor / Administrative Officer (NRCS) State Office 207-990-9144


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