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Maine Bulletin No. ME360-10-7


                                                                                                            April 1, 2010

Subject:  PER - Mid Year Progress Review Process

Action Required By: April 30, 2010

Purpose. To conduct mid-year progress reviews for all employees; to discuss each employees
Individual Development Plan (IDP) and to discuss each employees 2011 training needs.

Expiration Date. September 30, 2010

Supervisors are required to conduct at least one formal progress review during the performance appraisal period. By April 30, 2010, supervisors are required to conduct a mid-year progress review with each of their employees. Supervisors are reminded that a mid-year progress review is not considered complete until the supervisor and employee have both checked their respective acceptance boxes in EmpowHR. The progress review should include a discussion of the employee�s performance against the objectives and standards documented in the employee�s performance plan. Supervisors should use the mid-period process as an opportunity to make changes to the performance plan, as appropriate. Plans may be revised to reflect new organizations goals, outside influences beyond an employee�s control that make the original goals and standards unachievable; changes in work assignments; or new organizational or management priorities.

If you make changes to the performance objectives or corresponding standards within an element, employees must be given the opportunity to perform under the modified standards for at least 90 days before they can be rated against the modification. Changes to alignment and linkage enhance the existing performance plan with no changes to the existing performance, thus the 90 day period does not apply. If you plan to make any changes to a 2010 Performance Plan, you should make the changes to the Performance Plan in EmpowHR prior to initiating Progress Reviews in EmpowHR

The supervisor should prepare a written narrative outlining the employee�s accomplishments against the standards. The narrative should be documented in EmpowHR, be brief and specific. The employee and the supervisor must note in EmpowHR that the progress review has been conducted.

Mid-year Progress Review Process

Monitoring performance is the process of observing an employee�s performance results and collecting data on those results during the appraisal period. At a minimum, supervisors are required to evaluate employee performance against the elements and measurable standards in each of their employees� performance plans during a mid-year progress review and the year-end summary rating.

Feedback on performance should be an ongoing process that communicates expectations and what employees should continue doing, stop doing, do less of, or start doing. The feedback process gives supervisors the opportunity to make changes to unrealistic or problematic measurable standards. It also allows supervisors to identify unacceptable performance at any time during the appraisal period. When focusing on performance management as an ongoing, year-round process, the focus shifts from �justifying a rating� at the end of the year to continually improving performance.

Feedback should be objective and fact-based. When providing feedback, avoid making judgments that inhibit impartiality, such as the use of subjective criteria and rather bias.

Individual Development Plan (IDP) Process

Coupled with Mid-year Progress Reviews, the supervisor and employee should also be reviewing the employee�s IDP to ensure the employee is on track with his/her IDP. The IDP will be reviewed with your employee at least twice during the fiscal year. This will be measured by documenting all reviews of the IDP with the employee; it will be documented on the document itself with initials form the employee and supervisor including the date of the review.

Training Needs Inventory

While reviewing the IDP, supervisors and employees are encouraged to complete the employee�s Training Needs for FY 2011. Please use the attached spreadsheet to document with as much course information as you have available, the employee�s FY 2011 Training Needs, email the form to Karen Goulet at Karen will compile the information and meet with each States Leadership Teams to determine FY 2011�s training needs for all three states. Complying with this request will ensure the State Leadership Teams have ample time to review, consolidate and approve training needs for each state in order to respond to NEDC�s request for training needs inventories late spring.

Contact. John Gledhill, Human Resource Officer, via email at or phone
at (207) 990-9501.

/s/  Juan C. Hernandez

State Conservationist

The following document requires Excel (.xls)

Attachment - Training Needs Inventory - FY 2011