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                                                                                            October 14, 2009

SUBJECT: PER – FY 2009 Performance Reviews and Performance Awards

Purpose: To provide guidance for Processing FY 2009 Performance Reviews and Awards

Expiration Date: November 30, 2009


In accordance with National Bulletin 360-9-57, dated September 14, 2009, performance summaries must be entered into EmpowHR no later than October 31, 2009. It is important that our EmpowHR entry be completed by the October 31 deadline as National Headquarters will be monitoring each states completion. Please note on page 2 of National Bulletin 306-9-57, that "A written narrative outlining the employee's accomplishments against the standards must be prepared and documented in EmpowHR for each element." This applies to every employee and every performance element. Accomplishments must be documented. This is a change from previous years.

Once the supervisor has completed the documentation for each performance element and the overall performance rating, this must be reviewed and concurred by the next level supervisor prior to entering into EmpowHR and reviewing with the employee.

As you finalize the overall performance rating, you can refer to General Manual, Title 360 Human Resources, Part 409 Performance Management System, Subpart C, National Bulletin 360-9-57 with attachments, or contact John Gledhill, Human Resources Specialist. In addition, a Power Point presentation can be found on the shared drive located at

Coupled with performance is employee recognition.

For employees receiving an Outstanding Performance Rating, the award amount will be 3% of the employees’ base pay or a Quality Step Increase (QSI), as appropriate. Managers are encouraged to nominate those employees whom they wish to receive an QSI. It is suggested that the manager discuss the QSI option with the employee to ensure the employee is in agreement of receiving an QSI. Nominations are due to Human Resources no later than November 10, 2009.

Once a complete listing of nominations are received, the Leadership Staff will review the listing of nominations, come to a consensus of those approved and forward the information to Human Resources for processing with the other awards.

For a Superior Performance Rating, the award amount will be 2% of the employee’s base salary. For a Meritorious Fully Successful, the award amount will be 1% (Meritorious is defined as a performance very close to a Superior but not quite, and will have to be justified by the supervisor and approved by me). The percentage of base pay calculations will be done by the Human Resources Staff once awards are submitted and approved.

In order to process awards and ensure that the awards will be received by employees before December 25, 2009, I am requesting that all supervisors complete and forward all AD 287-2’s (Award Nomination Form) to Human Resources, Attention: John Gledhill, Human Resource Specialist no later than November 20, 2009. This time line is crucial because approval for awards must be obtained prior to entering the award into the EmpowHR System.

Listed below is a link you can follow to obtain the latest version of form AD 287-2. . NOTE: Awards submitted after the deadline will not be considered. For additional guidance on how to complete this form or for additional criteria, please refer to the General Manual, Title 360, Part 409 Performance Management System, and Part 414, Employee Recognition Program, in the e-Directive System at, and National Bulletin 360-8-56.

For questions, please call John Gledhill, Human Resource Specialist at (207) 990-9501, or email at

/s/ Juan C. Hernandez

State Conservationist