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Maine Bulletin No. ME 180-10-1


                                                                                                        October 15, 2009

SUBJECT: CPA - Distribution and Installation of Updated Toolkit Spatial Datasets and ArcGIS Templates

Purpose: To roll out revised spatial datasets to be used for conservation planning, and to provide instructions for their use in the Customer Service Toolkit.

Expiration Date: March 31, 2010


One DVD disk entitled "Toolkit Rollout" is being mailed to each Service Center. The disk is to be copied to the hard drive (Local Disk (C:)) of each Toolkit user as soon as is practical but not later than November 13, 2009. Instructions are provided below:

The following is an inventory and description of the datasets and changes:

  1. Within the State-protected Habitats group, the coastal waterfowl habitats have been     grouped into a sub-group called "Coastal Waterfowl Subgroup".
  2. Salmon, Sturgeon, and Canada lynx are contained in the "Federally-protected Habitats" group.
  3. Layers related to contract ranking and not to consultation screening have been placed in a group called "Program Ranking Layers".
  4. For coastal counties a new sub-group called "Submerged Marine Habitats" has been added. It contains shellfish, eelgrass, and commercial worm harvest information.
  5. Maine Department of Environmental Protection's 305b/303d list has been used to update the layer called "Impaired_H2O_2008_final_a_me" layer under the Program Ranking Layers group. Marine waters are still not represented in this layer since there exists no polygon dataset to display non-attainment marine waters.
  6. A group called "Hydro24_State" has been added that contains single-line streams and open water polygons. These layers are to be used for determining if proposed practices are within 200 feet of water.
  7. A new ArcMap template (project file) for each Service Center is included.

Installation instructions:

  1. Insert disk into D: Drive bay. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Select Drive D: disk so that you can see all top-level folders on the disk. Select all top-level folders, right-click any of them and Select Copy.
  3. Highlight Local Disk (C:), right-click it and select Paste. Answer "Yes to All" when prompted about overwriting existing files and folders. Please follow this step carefully! Do not paste anything into the geodata folder - paste it directly onto Local Disk (C:). Failure to do this correctly will result in broken pathways and a lot of red "!" marks in ArcMap.
  4. Repeat these installation instructions for each Toolkit computer in the Service Center.
  5. For offices serving multiple counties - all data required for the service area is included on the disk (Example: The disk sent to Augusta, Warren, and Belfast contain all appropriate updates for the four counties served.).

Instructions for employing new datasets and revised ArcMap templates in Toolkit:

NOTE: These steps will need to be repeated the first time that a customer's records are accessed after installation of the new datasets and template.

  1. Start Toolkit and open a customer folder.
  2. Click the Customer File tab at the top of the window.
  3. Near bottom left, click the large icon labeled Change/Add ArcGIS Template.
  4. Double-click the FO_Templates folder, then double-click the Oct_2009 folder.
  5. Double-click the appropriate .mxd file for your Service Center.
  6. Answer "No" to the prompt about overwriting the default template. A copy of the template will now be stored in the ArcGIS_Projects folder.

Please refer questions to Tara King, Toolkit Coordinator, at 990-9562 or email

/s/ Juan C. Hernandez

State Conservationist