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                                                                                            August 23, 2010

Subject: TCH – Section IV of eFOTG

Purpose. Announcing a revision to Section IV – C. Tools – CNMP Template of efOTG.

Expiration Date. September 30, 2010

The master Conservation Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) Template document for Maine has been revised as an Excel file, which contains active tables for waste estimation and crop rotations. This Excel file includes a macro which opens the CNMP Word document within the Excel file.

Significant Changes:

• Fillable forms in the Word document.
• New ordering of information within chapters to meet National template requirements.
• Addition of “Catastrophic Mortality Management Plan”. NRCS planners should schedule a Soils Scientist to evaluate the chosen composting site(s) in conjunction with any other needed site evaluations for the farm.
• Addition of items to be included in Producer Activity Document (PAD) are highlighted in yellow in the Table of Contents.
• Updated “Notification to the Maine Department of Agriculture” form.

Contact. If you have questions or concerns with the new format, contact Alice Begin, Resource Conservationist at (207) 990-9568 or email  Questions regarding the waste calculations tables, contact Dan Baumert, State Conservation Engineer at (207) 990-9555 or email

/s/ Juan C. Hernandez

State Conservationist