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                                                                                                            February 3, 2011

Subject: TCH – Section III of eFOTG

Purpose. To announce the issuance of Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) Conservation Activity Plans (CAP) Checklists into Section III – Resource Management Systems and Criteria in eFOTG.

Expiration Date. September 30, 2011

The following CAP Plan Criteria Checklists have been developed and issued into Section III – Resource Management Systems and Criteria – E. Conservation Activity Plans Technical Criteria of the eFOTG:

• Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan CAP (Code 102)
• Forest Management Plan CAP (Code 106)
• Grazing Management Plan CAP (Code 110)
• Landscape Agricultural Energy Management CAP (Code 124)
• Fish and Wildlife Habitat Plan CAP (Code 142)
• Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition Plan Criteria (Code 138)

These Checklists for the appropriate CAP will be filled out by the District Conservationist. If the CAP contains all required items, it can be processed for payment. If the CAP submitted by the TSP is lacking required items, do not process a payment.

Contact. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Christopher Jones, State Resource Conservationist at 207-990-9563 or email

/s/  William R. Yamartino, Acting

State Conservationist