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                                                                                         August 26, 2010

Subject: PER – Employee Personal Page (EPP) and Completing Transactions

Purpose. To mandate the use of the Employee Personal Page (EPP) for Maine NRCS employees.

Expiration Date. August 31, 2012

Background. EPP was designed as a self-service application for employees to access and complete personnel transactions electronically reducing the paperwork involved and eliminating the need for Human Resources (HR) to manually process these actions. However, the agency still has a substantial number of employees who complete hardcopy requests for personnel transactions for HR to process. In order to use the EPP technology for its intended purposes, we have established October 10, 2010 a mandatory deadline for employees to process specific transactions.

Explanation. Numerous personnel transactions can be made using EPP on the National Finance Center’s (NFC) website. EPP also gives all employees access to W-2 forms and Earning/Leave statements. NFC has recently upgraded the EPP system and has made more choices available to employees.

To access EPP, go to  If you have not registered for EPP, select “Not a Registered User” and follow the prompts to establish an account. If you have forgotten your account or password, select the “Forgot Your Password” or “Forgot your User ID”. You may use both your EPP and eAuthentication account credentials to login to EPP. Be aware that the first time you attempt to use your eAuthentication credentials to access the EPP, you will be required to synchronize your EPP and eAuthentication accounts. The synchronization will require that you login to EPP using your EPP user ID and password. Once it is successful, you will not be prompted for your EPP user ID and password again.

Beginning Pay Period 21 (October 10, 2010), all employees will be required to use EPP to complete the following personnel transactions:

  • Residential address changes
  • State tax changes
  • TSP election changes
  • Direct Deposit changes
  • FEHB elections during Open Season
  • HSA allotments
  • Federal tax changes Financial allotments
  • TSP Catch-Up Contributions

Contact. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Brian Vique, State Administrative Officer at (207) 990-9567 or email

/s/  Juan C. Hernandez

State Conservationist