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                                                                                                        February 24, 2011

Subject: PER – Individual Development Plan (IDP) & Training Needs Inventory (TNI)

Action Due: February 28, 2011

Purpose. To provide guidance and a user template for Individual Development Plans (IDP) and Training Needs Inventory (TNI).

Expiration Date. March 18, 2011

Background. An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is used for developing required skills and knowledge for an employee. Employees should take the lead in identifying training needs, and work together with their supervisor to finalize training planned for the year. However, supervisors of new employees are encouraged to take the lead in developing the IDP with the new employee. It is required that all NRCS employees work with their supervisor to create and maintain an IDP that corresponds with individual employee training needs. Individual training needs can be identified in the IDP and transferred to the Training Needs Inventory (TNI). Each employee’s TNI is submitted to the Training Officer annually.

The IDP will be reviewed with the development of new performance plans and updated annually. Employees are required to work with their supervisor to identify courses on their IDP and a completed IDP must be in place within 45 days of development of their current fiscal year performance plan. Supervisors will review IDPs with employees at least quarterly during the employees’ first year in any position, and at least two times during the rating period thereafter. This will ensure appropriate adjustments are made. Employees shall maintain the working copy of their current IDP.

Explanation. In an effort to streamline the IDP process, a template has been developed that integrates the IDP and TNI into one workbook. Filling out the IDP will auto-fill parts of the TNI to insure the development plan is based on individual needs. Information regarding the NRCS Employee Development Program can be found in the General Manual, Title 360, Part 410 at

Employees can access the current version of the IDP/TNI template through the Maine NRCS Intranet at - Employee Resources. Previously used IDP versions will be accepted. When completed the IDP portion of the workbook, populate the shaded areas only and do not add rows. If additional room is needed, another workbook can be created. Please note that the completed TNI will consist of internal and external training requests that have costs associated with them. Training delivered or taken at no cost to the government, such as on the job training or AgLearn online courses, does not have to appear on the completed TNI. Employees are required to use the TNI version located on the Maine Intranet. Upon request, employees shall provide a completed TNI to the Training Officer for submission to the State Leadership Team.

Items included in the TNI will be compiled to prepare Training/Travel budgets for the following fiscal year.

Employees must submit a completed IDP to their supervisor by February 28, 2011.

Contact. If you have any difficulties completing this process, please contact Brian Vigue, State Administrative Officer at 207-990-9567 or email

/s/ Juan C. Hernandez

State Conservationist