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                                                                                                                December 3, 2009

Subject: TCH – Section II of eFOTG

Purpose. Announcing updates to the Environmental Evaluation for State and Federally Protected Species and Habitat (ME-ECS-1) form.

Expiration Date. October 1, 2010

The ME-ECS-1 form has been updated with the following changes:

  • Guidance was modified under Step 2 of the ME-ECS-1 form to be consistent with Maine NRCS policy regarding providing technical assistance to other federal agencies which was mentioned in Maine Bulletin 180-10-2.
  • Information pertinent to Technical Service Providers, who will be using the form during the development of Conservation Activity Plans, was added to Step 1 through Step 3 of the ME-ECS-1 form.
  • Hyperlinks were updated and additional hyperlinks to technical documents, current and relevant Maine NRCS amendments and bulletins, and current email addresses of State and Federal Agency personnel were added.
  • Recommended changes from regulatory agencies were incorporated (e.g., check boxes were added to indicate whether the consultation concerns Atlantic salmon, Designated salmon critical habitat, shortnose sturgeon or Canadian lynx).
  • To make reading easier the font size was increased.
  • The wording in the glossary was modified to be consistent with changes in practice effects matrices developed during interagency Endangered Species Act consultations for salmon, sturgeon and lynx.
  • Names and phone numbers of responsible State or Federal Agency personnel NRCS may need to consult with on the various State and Federal laws protecting species and habitat were added.

The revised ME-ECS-1 form is located in eFOTG under Section II – D. Threatened and Endangered Species - Conservation Planning.

Please archive all versions of ME-ECS-1 dated prior to December 2009.

Contact. Any questions or concerns, please contact Jeff Norment, Biologist at 207-990-9571 or email

/s/ Juan C. Hernandez

State Conservationist