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                                                                                                            January 6, 2010

Subject: MGT – Guidance on Use of Direct Charge Budget

Purpose. Provide guidance on charging time to specific fund codes.

Expiration Date. September 30, 2010

Attached you will find an updated direct charge budget for Maine NRCS employees. On January 26, 2010, or before, you will receive an update with actual hours expended in the first quarter of FY2010.

It is extremely important that every employee take responsibility to monitor time charges by program. Now that WebTCAS is tracking hours worked by program only, monitoring should be easier. Be familiar with what programs that your leave is charged to as well. We tried to honor the estimates you provided. However, WHIP hours had to be reduced by $90,000 due to a reduction in our FY2010 allocation. Adjustments were also made based on quick review of WebTCAS reports to cover expenditures to date.

Supervisors are responsible to assure that employees work within the program/hours identified. If issues arise, please notify Pauline Paré as soon as you are aware of the need for a change and she will adjust hours, if possible. Do not wait until hours are over spent to contact her to inquire about adjustments.

As we begin to identify equipment or other purchase needs, we need to allocate the purchase to particular fund codes. We need a stable direct charge budget to be able to prudently allocate the resources for purchasing.

Contact. Pauline Paré, ASTC for Operations at 207-990-554 or email

/s/ Juan C. Hernandez

State Conservationist

The following document requires  Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

Attachment - Maine FY10 Salary and Benefits Budget (.pdf)