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                                                                                                     January 13, 2010

Subject: LTP – Approved 2010 AMA and WHIP Payment Schedules

Purpose. To release the approved 2010 AMA and WHIP Payment Schedules

Expiration Date. September 30, 2010

Background. Each fiscal year payment schedules are prepared for the various financial assistance programs that NRCS delivers in Maine. The payment schedules are subject to State Conservationist’s approval before being released to the field for use in preparing program related plans and contracts.

Explanation. Please find attached the approved payment schedules being released for use in preparing 2010 AMA and WHIP contracts. The payment schedules for the statewide funding pools are to be used in Toolkit and Protracts, and will be posted on the Maine NRCS website, as is.

There is one General Statewide AMA payment schedule to be used in all counties. It has only one item and is to be used in the development of contracts to install seasonal high tunnel system structures.

There are four versions of the WHIP payment schedule: (1) a General Hancock/Washington County version for use in those counties; (2) a General Statewide version is for use in all other counties; (3) the New England Cottontail (NEC) habitat version for use in Cumberland and York counties only; and (4) the Atlantic Salmon/Brook Trout habitat version to be used statewide for applicable projects.

Approved payment schedules will be made available for use in Toolkit and ProTracts, and will be posted on the Maine NRCS website.

Contact. Bill Yamartino, ASTC for Programs at 207-990-9553 or email or Susan Arrants, Resource Conservationist at 207-990-9564 or email

/s/ Juan C. Hernandez

State Conservationist

The following documents require Excel (.xls) 

Attachment 1 - 2010 AMA Standard/Statewide Payment Schedule (.xls)
Attachment 2 - 2010 WHIP Atlantic Salmon Brook Trout Payment Schedule (.xls)
Attachment 3 - 2010 WHIP Statewide Payment Schedule (.xls)
Attachment 4 - 2010 WHIP Hancock/Washington Counties Payment Schedule (.xls)
Attachment 5 - 2010 WHIP New England Cottontail Payment Schedule (.xls)