Field Offices Employee Directory

AUGUSTA FIELD OFFICE (Kennebec and Lincoln Counties)
Central Maine Commerce Center, 21 Enterprise Drive, Suite 1, Augusta, ME  04330
Telephone: 207-622-7847 ext. 3; FAX: 207-626-8196

Name Position Email
Peter Abello District Conservationist
Amanda Burton Soil Conservationist
Alexander Brown Soil Conservation Technician
Gregory Granger Soil Resource Specialist (also serves Aroostook, Hancock, Kennebec, Penobscot, Somerset, Waldo and  Washington counties)


BANGOR FIELD OFFICE (Penobscot County)
1423 Broadway, Suite #2, Bangor, ME  04401
Telephone: 207-947-6622, ext. 3; FAX: 207-942-1782

Name Position Email
Daniel Schmidt District Conservationist
Leslie Nelson Soil Conservationist
Eric Giberson Soil Conservationist
Heidi Bunn Agricultural Engineer


BELFAST FIELD OFFICE (Waldo and Knox Counties)
46 Little River Drive, Belfast, ME  04915
Telephone: 207-338-1964, ext. 3; FAX: 207-338-4972

Name Position Email
Autumn Birt District Conservationist

Mary Thompson

Soil Conservationist

Charles Penney

Soil Conservationist


42 Engdahl Drive, Dover-Foxcroft, ME  04426-3717
Telephone: 207-564-2321, ext. 3; FAX: 207-564-2570

Name Position Email
David Power District Conservationist


Name Position Email
Nicholas Butler   Soil Scientist
David E. Turcotte Soil Scientist
Matt Dorman  Soil Scientist


107 Park Street, Farmington, ME  04938-1915
Telephone: 207-778-4767, ext. 3; FAX: 207-778-5785

Name Position Email
Paul Hersey District Conservationist
Jade Gianforte Soil Conservationist
Sally Butler Ecological Site Inventory Specialist


FORT KENT FIELD OFFICE (Aroostook County - St. John Valley)
139 Market Street, Suite 106, Fort Kent, ME  04743-1425
Telephone: 207-834-3311, ext. 3; FAX: 207-834-6435

Name Position Email
Eugene "Skip" Babineau District Conservationist
Robert Bills Soil Conservationist


1423 Broadway, Suite #4
Bangor, ME 04401
Telephone: 207-947-6622, ext. 5, FAX: 207-942-0574

Name Position Email
Roland Dupuis District Conservationist
Rebecca Duhaime Soil Conservation Technician


HOULTON FIELD OFFICE (Aroostook County - Southern Aroostook)
304 North Street, Houlton, ME  04730-9527
Telephone: 207-532-2087, ext. 3; FAX: 207-532-4379

Name Position Email
Helena Swiatek District Conservationist
Sam Wright Soil Conservationist
Scott Englund Soil Conservation Technician
Cindy Green Program Assistant


LEWISTON FIELD OFFICE (Androscoggin and Sagadahoc Counties)
254 Goddard Road, Lewiston, ME  04240
Telephone: 207-753-9400, ext. 3; FAX: 207-783-4101

Name Position Email
Jim Johnson District Conservationist
Paul Carmichael Soil Conservationist
Carl Perry Program Assistant
Candace (Benwitz) Gilpatric Agricultural Engineer (also serves York,  Cumberland, Kennebec, 
Knox, Lincoln, Oxford, 
Franklin, Waldo, and 
Somerset Counties)
Brian Stuart Civil EngineeringTechnician (also serves Cumberland, Knox, Lincoln, Oxford and Cumberland Counties)
Adam Cattrell Agricultural Engineer


MACHIAS FIELD OFFICE (Washington County)
8 M & M Place, Suite 5B, Machias, ME  04654
Telephone: 207-255-3995, ext. 3; FAX: 207-255-0936

Name Position Email
David Garcelon District Conservationist
Grace Edwards Soil Conservationist
Barbara Maurer Program Assistant


PRESQUE ISLE FIELD OFFICE (Aroostook County - Central Aroostook)
735 Main Street, Suite #3, Presque Isle, ME  04769
Telephone: 207-764-4153/4, ext. 3; FAX: 207-768-3407

Name Position Email
Darol Wilson District Conservationist
Kenneth Hill Soil Conservation Technician
Alice Goodwin Agricultural Engineer (serves Aroostook County)
Robert Cullins Civil Engineering Technician


SCARBOROUGH FIELD OFFICE (Cumberland and York Counties)
306 U.S. Route 1, Suite A1, Scarborough, ME  04074-9774
Telephone: 207-883-0159, ext. 3; FAX: 207-883-1139

Name Position Email
Wayne Munroe District Conservationist
David Chiappetta Soil Conservationist


70 East Madison Road, Skowhegan, ME  04976
Telephone: 207-474-8324, ext. 3; FAX: 207-474-0638

Name Position Email
Ron Desrosiers District Conservationist
Seth Jones Soil Conservationist
Mark Roskos Agricultural Engineer (also serves Franklin and Kennebec Counties)
Carl Bickford Forester


17 Olson Road, Suite #2, So. Paris, ME 04281
Telephone: 207-743-5789, ext. 3; FAX: 207-743-6256

Name Position Email
Anna Donahue District Conservationist
Alexander Stace Soil Conservationist
Terri Teller Soil Conservation Technician
David Wilkinson Soil Resource Specialist (also serves Androscoggin, Sagadahoc, York, Cumberland, Franklin,
Knox and Lincoln Counties)




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