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SurvCADD Instructions

SurvCADD Instruction Sheets

These documents require Adobe Acrobat.

SurvCADD Instructional Sheets

Sheet Number Sheet Description PDF
MD-SC-11 Setting Up a Drawing in SurvCADD (PDF; 39 KB) PDF
MD-SC-12 Manually Entering Points (PDF; 30 KB) PDF
MD-SC-12a Manually Entering Points - Reduced Calculations (PDF; 24 KB) PDF
MD-SC-13 Downloading Data from Data Collector (PDF; 23 KB) PDF
MD-SC-14 Drawing Points from CRD File (PDF; 31 KB) PDF
MD-SC-14a Enlarge/Reduce the Plot Size of Survey Points from CRD Files (PDF; 16 KB) PDF
MD-SC-15 Edit Raw Data (PDF; 29 KB) PDF
MD-SC-21 Inclusion/Exclusion Areas and Breaklines (PDF; 24 KB) PDF
MD-SC-22 Creating 3D Surfaces (PDF; 20 KB) PDF
MD-SC-23 3D Surface Viewer Tool (PDF; 18 KB) PDF
MD-SC-24 Creating a Contour Map from Surveyed Points (PDF; 19 KB) PDF
MD-SC-25 Creating a Contour Map from a Grid File (PDF; 17 KB) PDF
MD-SC-26 3D Surface Flyover Tool (PDF; 27 KB) PDF
MD-SC-30 Manual Creating Profiles (PDF; 25 KB) PDF
MD-SC-31 Creating Profiles from Points (PDF; 26 KB) PDF
MD-SC-32 Polyline Stationing (PDF; 20 KB) PDF
MD-SC-33 Creating Profiles from Surface Entities (PDF; 25 KB) PDF
MD-SC-34 Creating Profiles from a Grid (PDF; 26 KB) PDF
MD-SC-35 Creating Grids, Ticks and Dots (PDF; 24 KB) PDF
MD-SC-36 Creating Cross Sections Manually (PDF; 21 KB) PDF
MD-SC-37 Creating Cross Sections from Points (PDF; 22 KB) PDF
MD-SC-38 Creating Cross Sections from a Grid (PDF; 21 KB) PDF
MD-SC-39 Creating Cross Sections from Surface Entities (PDF; 23 KB) PDF
MD-SC-40 Using Design Pad Template for Flat Surfaces (PDF; 24 KB) PDF
MD-SC-41 Calculating Profile and Cross Section End Areas (PDF; 14 KB) PDF
MD-SC-42 3D Surfaces - 4-Sided Berm (PDF; 14 KB) PDF
MD-SC-43 Drawing a Ramp or Spillway into a Pond (PDF; 17 KB) PDF
MD-SC-44 3D Surfaces - 1 - 3 Sided Berm (PDF; 16 KB) PDF
MD-SC-45 Using Design Pad Template - Waterway or Lane Design (PDF; 24 KB) PDF
MD-SC-46 Point Placement on Profiles and Cross Sections (PDF; 25 KB) PDF
MD-SC-47a Volumes from Two Grids (PDF; 23 KB) PDF
MD-SC-47b Volumes from One Grid (PDF; 23 KB) PDF
MD-SC-48 Drawing a Round Tank (PDF; 51 KB) PDF
MD-SC-51 Inserting Symbols (PDF; 19 KB) PDF
MD-SC-52 Annotate Series (PDF; 30 KB) PDF
MD-SC-53 Creating and Inserting Blocks (PDF; 26 KB) PDF
MD-SC-54 Inserting and Clipping Images (PDF; 22 KB) PDF
MD-SC-55 Inserting OLE Objects (PDF; 23 KB) PDF
MD-SC-56 Paperspace and Creating Viewports (PDF; 17 KB) PDF
MD-SC-57 Plotting a Drawing (PDF; 13 KB) PDF
MD-SC-58a Creating PDFs for Large Sheets (PDF; 14 KB) PDF
MD-SC-58b Creating PDFs for ANSI A and B Sheets (PDF; 12 KB) PDF
MD-SC-59 Creating Points from the Final Surfaces (PDF; 24 KB) PDF
MD-SC-60 Uploading Data to the Data Collector (PDF; 21 KB) PDF
MD-SC-61 Creating Blocks with Attributes (PDF; 22 KB) PDF
MD-SC-62 Creating and Using Tool Palettes (PDF; 23 KB) PDF


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