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Administrative Staff Responsibilities


Malcolm Reeves, State Administrative Officer
  • Directs Administrative Staff
  • Employee Relations (EEO Complaints, Grievances)
  • Equal Opportunity Liaison Officer
  • Ethics Contact
  • Training Officer
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Coordinator
  • Position Management
  • Continuity of Operations and Human Pandemic Response Planning
  • Civil Rights
  • State ACES Coordinator
  • Information Security and Privacy Coordinator
  • State Information Technology Liaison
  • Forms Management Officer

Human Resources Staff


Vacant, Human Resources Manager

  • Position Classification, Employment
  • Employee Assistance Coordinator
  • Employee Relations
  • Retirement Counseling
  • Civil Rights Committee Advisor
  • Human Resources Policies
  • Staffing (Merit Promotion/DEU)
  • Employee Development
  • OWCP (On the Job Injuries)
  • ACES
  • Personnel Security (Background Investigations)
  • LincPass

Jean Howard, Human Resources Assistant

  • Processing personnel actions
  • OWCP (On the Job Injuries)
  • Savings Bonds, Health & Life Insurance, Thrift Savings Plan, Payroll actions
  • Leave Donor Coordinator, Personnel reports
  • Court Supoenas, salary garnishments
  • Military Service deposits
  • Information System Security Point of Contact (ISSPOC)
  • Salary Payment Questions
  • Password reset for HREmpower

Financial Management Staff


Marie Monn, Budget Officer

  • Budget Formulation, Analysis and Execution
  • Federal Travel Regulations
  • Cost of Programs Worksheet
  • Certifying Officer, Collections Officer
  • Bank of America Travel Card (Alternate POC)
  • IAS Requisition Funds Approver
  • FDW/FFIS/OGLE Quarterly Audit Reports
  • GovTrip Questions and Assistance
  • IAS Fund Approver

Laurie Blasky, Budget Analyst

  • Relocation Regulations/Relocation Authorizations and Vouchers
  • State Relocation Specialist
  • Certifying Officer/Collection Officer
  • WebTA POI Coordinator/Timekeeper, Leave Audits, Salary Payment problems
  • Contract & Agreement Obligations, Payments, Cost-Share Agreements
  • Tracking of financial transactions
  • GovTrip Questions and Assistance
  • Month End Accruals
  • Reimbursements, Refunds, Agency Financial Transfers, Interagency Bills
  • Travel Card (requests, reports)
  • Protracts Fund Manager
  • Protract Payment Processor
  • SUSF Report (Financial System Suspense Table)
  • DCC Password Reset (NITC/NFC Audit Reports)
  • Information System Security Point of Contact (ISSPOC)

Management Services Staff


Denise Brooks, Contract Specialist

  • Award and administration of contracts/grants
  • Review and coordinates payments to contractors
  • Reimbursable, trust fund, inter-agency, and other agreements
  • Solicitations & Bids
  • Service contract administration
  • Contract monitoring
  • Agreements review

vacant, Contract Specialist

  • Accidents, Records & Directives Management
  • Agreement and contract tracking
  • Agreement review
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • State Office Property Disposal
  • Fleet Management, Space Management, Real/Personal Property Management
  • Replacement of license plates & Voyager Cards
  • Tracking payments
  • Approving invoices
  • Local Agency Program Coordinator (LAPC) for Purchase Card Management System

Samone Scanlon, Purchasing Agent

  • State Office Supply Orders
  • IAS Requisitioner/Receipts
  • Vendor Coordinator
  • Mail and Supply Room
  • Reproduction Support
  • File Maintenance
  • WebTCAS Timekeeper
  • EZ Pass Coordinator