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Massachusetts General Manual Supplements

Massachusetts General Manual Supplements

The National General Manual is available on the NRCS e-Directive System.

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Title Sym Primary Subject
110 ADM Management
 Part 480 Committees, Amended April 2007 
120 ADS Administrative Services
Part 405 subpart A-Personal Property-Definitions
Part 405-subpart B-Accidents
Part 405-subpart C-Personal Property-Equip. Mgt.
Part 406-subpart C-Small Purchases
Part 406-subpart C-Small Purchases/Flowchart
130 AGN Agency General
Part 300-Succession of Authority in absence of STC
Part 403-12-Crisis Responsibilities
140 SPP Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis
150 BAP Basin and Area Planning
160 BDG Budget Planning and Analysis
170 CGI Cartography & Geographic Information
180 CPA Conservation Planning and Application
190 ECS Ecological Sciences
200 ECN Economics
210 ENG Engineering
220 EVC Environmental Coordination
230 EOP Equal Opportunity
250 FNM Financial Management
Part 404-subpart B-Travel
260 INF Public Information
270 IRM Information Resources Management
280 INC International Conservation
290 INV Resource Inventory
300 LTP Land Treatment Programs
310 LNU Land Use
320 LEG Legislative Affairs
330 MGT Operations Management
Strategic Planning and Budget Analysis
Part 404-subpart B Oversight & Eval.-Quality Assurance Plan
360 PER Personnel
Part 404 Amendment 41-Organization
Part 415-subpart A-Leave-Hazardous Weather Dismissal
Part 429-subpart A-Telecommuting
390 PDM Project Development and Maintenance
400 PPC Public Participation Coordination
410 RDV Rural Development
420 SSC Social Sciences
430 SOI Soil Survey


Part 512-1 Conservation Program Contracting
Part 512-1a-CPM Exhibits
Part 512-1b-CPM Templateletters
Part 512-1a1-CPM CPA-13
Part 512-1a2-LTP-153
Part 512-1a3 Appeal
Part 512-1a4 Flowchart
Part 512-1a5 EQIPappdx
450 TCH Technology
460 WQP Water Quality Project Implementation