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Conservation Connection e-blast - September 27, 2013

Conservation Connection e-blast

The latest news from NRCS Massachusetts and our partners.

Wetland restoration to begin soon at Tidmarsh Farms, Plymouth

A former cranberry bog at Tidmarsh Farms, PlymouthOne of the largest ecological restoration projects ever undertaken in Massachusetts will soon begin at Tidmarsh Farms in Plymouth, funded in part by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Encompassing 250 acres of degraded freshwater wetlands, including 192 acres of former commercial cranberry bogs, the project will protect and restore a substantial area of critical habitat in this coastal watershed.

Soil Health Spotlight

Massachusetts farmer Jim Ward featured in national video

Soil Health video profile - Jim WardAfter years of conventional tilling, Massachusetts farmer Jim Ward says he watched his soil seemingly “wear down,” as organic matter levels decreased. He also noticed his irrigation rates were increasing and he was struggling to maintain the high quality of his crops. Now, thanks to his efforts to restore the soil through no-till and cover crops, he’s beginning to harvest the benefits—namely big reductions in water usage.

Infographic: Health Soil Secrets

(click the graphic to view/download the full-size version)

Soil Health infographic - Keep it Covered


Keep it happy, keep it COVERED.

Soil should be COVERED ALL THE TIME, preferably with living plants. Keeping the soil covered all the time makes perfect sense when you realize that healthy soils are full of life. The micororganisms living in the soil need food and cover to survive - just like other living creatures.

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