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Conservation Connection e-blast - September 5, 2013

Conservation Connection e-blast



The latest news from NRCS Massachusetts and our partners.

Cover crop being planting at Bristol County Agricultural High School.Bristol Aggie starts cover crop trials to improve soil health

Bristol County Agricultural High School – also known as Bristol Aggie – will test two cover crops to improve soil health on the school’s farm fields in Dighton. The trial is a four way partnership between Bristol Aggie, the USDA  Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Bristol County Conservation District and UMass Extension. Healthy soils are high-performing, productive soils that reduce production costs and protect natural resources on and off the farm.



Infographic: Healthy Soil Secrets

(Click the graphic to view or download the full-size version.)

Infographic: Active soil is healthy soil.

Healthy soil is ACTIVE SOIL.

Healthy soil should not be allowed to "rest" or to be fallow. Having plants grow all the time to capture energy and feed microbial populations actually helps IMPROVE soil health.

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