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Frank and Lisa Kokoski | F&L Farm | Ware, Massachusetts

Al Rose | Red Apple Farm | Phillipston, Massachusetts

Protecting New England Cottontail Habitat on Cape Cod | Part 3

Protecting New England Cottontail Habitat on Cape Cod | Part 2

Protecting New England Cottontail Habitat on Cape Cod | Part 1

Jim & Nancy Faulkner with Phalla Nol | farmers | Boxborough, Mass.

When Jim and Nancy Faulkner bought their small farm in Boxborough, Mass. in 2009, the place was a mess. Buildings were falling down, the soil was poor and the land was covered with invasive plants. Nonetheless, they wanted to turn it into a sustainable farm. Help came from two very different directions: a government agency and another small farmer.

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Sean Stanton | dairy farmer | Blue Hill Farm | Great Barrington

When Sean Stanton started improving the pastures surrounding his small farm in Great Barrington, Mass.,  his efforts not only benefited the natural resources of this scenic southwest corner of Berkshire County, but also diners at an upscale eatery on the lower west side of Manhattan.

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Hazel Holman | forest land owner | Lanesborough, Mass.

Not every forest land owner can say that George Washington slept nearby. Hazel Holman can. The history of the scenic mountain top forest land she owns in Lanesborough, Mass., is inseparable from its natural character. Since colonial times, people have left their mark on this land in Berkshire County. Hazel's legacy will be conservation.

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Protecting a Silent Protector

This is an overview of a project to upgrade the George H. Nichols Dam in Westborough, Massachusetts. Financial and technical assistance for the project are provided through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Upgrades are proposed for six flood-control dams in the Sudbury-Assabet-Concord (SuAsCo) rivers watershed. The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) owns, operates and maintains the dams. Built between 1962 and 1987 by USDA and DCR, these "silent protectors" provide $1.7 million in annual flood protection to the 36 towns in the SuAsCo watershed. Although the dams are still sound, today's increased land development generates higher amounts of storm runoff than the dams were designed to handle. Upgrading the dams will also maintain wetland and wildlife habitat and outdoor recreation. One upgrade project is already completed at the George H. Nichols Dam in Westborough.