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State Office Directory

451 West Street
Amherst MA 01002-2953
Phone: 413-253-4350
Fax: 855-596-7666

Directions to the State Office

State Conservationist's Office

Name Title Phone E-mail
 Christine Clarke State Conservationist 413-253-4350
 VACANT Asst.State Conservationist (Field Operations) 413-253-4350  
Carol Rickless Secretary 413-253-4350


Administrative Staff

Name Title Phone E-mail
Theodore Nicholson Asst. STC for Mgmt. & Strategy 413-253-4364
Lisa Gustafson Business Services Specialist 413-253-4388
Gifty Torkornoo Financial Resource Specialist 413-253-4361
Jane LaBorde Contract Specialist 413-253-4357
Karen Regish Purchasing Agent 413-253-4355
Jacqueline K. Strickland Budget Analyst 413-253-4358
Melissa Marince Human Resources Manager 413-253-4392
Vacant Human Resources Specialist 413-253-4564  


HR & Budget Office Fax Number 855-596-7668 

Engineering Staff

Name Title Phone E-mail
Deron Davis State Conservation Engineer 413-253-4362
vacant Assistant State Conservation Engineer    
Jonathan Coté   Civil Engineer 413-253-4360
Louise LeGouis Civil Engineer 413-253-4367
vacant Civil Engineering Technician    


Public Affairs Staff 

Name Title Phone E-mail
Diane Baedeker Petit Public Affairs Officer 413-253-4371
Catherine Ulitsky Visual Information Specialist 413-253-4387


Farm Bill Programs and Ecological Sciences Staff 

Name Title Phone E-mail
Tom Akin State Resource Conservationist 413-253-4365
Deborah K. Johnson Asst. State Resource Conservationist 413-253-4368
vacant Agronomist
Kara Burke Program Support Specialist 413-253-4381
Aaron Dushku GIS Specialist (located in Westford) 978-692-1904 x3
Darlene Monds Natural Resource Specialist 413-253-4354
Kate Parsons Resource Conservationist/Team Lead - Forest & Pastureland 413-253-4380
Beth Schreier Soil Conservationist 413-253-4393
William Breed Pathways Intern 413-253-4363


Soils Staff

Name Title Phone E-mail
Albert N. Averill, Jr. State Soil Scientist 413-253-4382


National Agricultural Pesticide Risk Analysis (NAPRA) Team

Name Title Phone E-mail
Joseph K. Bagdon* Pest Management Specialist 413-253-4376
Eric S. Hesketh* Soil Scientist 413-253-4374
Stephen Plotkin Water Quality Specialist (Coop. Extension employee) 413-253-4377

 * Water Quality and Quantity Technology Development Team, West National Technology Support Center


USDA International Technology Services Staff

Name Title Phone E-mail
Cynthia A. Cos Information Technology Specialist 413-253-4369
Matthew Gaudet Information Technology Specialist 413-253-4342