Massachusetts Employee Directory - Alphabetical by Last Name

This is an alphabetical list of all Massachusetts NRCS, Mass. Association of Conservation Districts (MACD) and conservation district employees located in NRCS offices. For lists of employees  by office, go to the State Office and Field Offices directories.

First Last Title Office Phone E-mail
Thomas Akin State Resource Conservationist Amherst 413-253-4365
Aimee Annichiarico Administrative Assistant Hadley 413-585-1000, x113
Albert Averill, Jr. State Soil Scientist Amherst 413-253-4382
David Bacon Soil Conservationist Hadley 413-585-1000, x112
Joseph Bagdon Pest Management Specialist Amherst 413-253-4376
Lisa Barnes Soil Conservationist Greenfield 413-772-0384, x107
Daniel Barnett Project Engineer Barnstable 508-771-6476 x104
Nels Barrett Regional Ecol. Site Specialist - SSR-12 Amherst 413-253-4353
Steven Beaulieu Natural Resource Specialist Barnstable 508-771-6476
Charlotte Bedet Nutrient Management Planner Hadley 413-585-1000, x135
Bill Breed Soil Conservation Intern Amherst 413-253-4363
Kara Burke Program Support Specialist Amherst/
413-585-1000, x132
Helen Castles Soil Conservationist Holden 508-829-4477, x112
Christine Clarke State Conservationist Amherst 413-253-4350 
Cynthia Cos Information Technology Specialist Amherst 413-253-4369
Jonathan Coté   Civil Engineer Amherst 413-253-4360
Michelle Cozine Soil Conservationist Hadley 413-585-1000, x 101
Deron Davis State Conservation Engineer Amherst 413-253-4362
Rick Devergilio Project Manager Barnstable 508-771-6476
Aaron Dushku GIS Specialist Amherst 978-692-1904 x3
Shawn Finn Soil Scientist Amherst 413-253-4391
Matthew Gaudet Information Technology Specialist Amherst 413-253-4342
Lisa Gustafson Business Services Specialist Amherst 413-253-4388
Mia Halter District Conservationist Barnstable/
W. Wareham
508-295-5151 x 114
Luis Hernandez SSR-12- Regional Director Amherst 413-253-4370
Eric Hesketh Soil Scientist Amherst 413-253-4374
Martha Higgins Administrative Assistant Holden 508-829-4477, x101 
Terron Hillsman Assistant State Conservationist (Field Ops) Amherst 413-253-4378
Deborah Johnson Asst. State Resource Conservationist Amherst 413-253-4368
Melissa Kenefick Soil Conservationist West Wareham 508-295-5151, x129
Nicole Kerstetter Soil Conservationist Hadley 413-585-1000, x128
Jane LaBorde Contract Specialist Amherst 413-253-4357
Louise LeGouis Civil Engineer Amherst 413-253-4367
Daniel Lenthall District Conservationist Holden/
Adam Linnell Human Resources Specialist  Amherst 413-253-4564 
James Lyons Civil Engineer Holden 508-829-4477, x117 
Melissa Marince Human Resources Manager Amherst 413-253-4392 
Mary McCaffrey Administrative Assistant West Wareham 508-295-5151 x113
Elizabeth McGuire Conservation Planner Westford 978-692-1904
Donna Miranda-Berneche Administrative Assistant - SSR-12 Amherst 413-253-4351
Darlene Monds Natural Resource Specialist Amherst 413-253-4354
Theodore Nicholson Asst. STC for Mgmt. & Strategy Amherst 413-253-4364
Kate Parsons Team Leader - Forestland/Pastureland Pittsfield 413-443-1776
Maggie Payne Soil Scientist West Wareham 508-295-5151, x119
Diane Petit Public Affairs Officer Amherst 413-253-4371
Lisa Petruski Soil Conservationist West Wareham 508-295-5151 x118 
Nicholas Pitel Soil Conservationist Pittsfield 413-443-1776
Stephen Plotkin Water Quality Specialist (Coop. Extension staff) Amherst 413-253-4377
Robert Purcell Soil Conservationist Holden 508-829-4477, x107
Sharon Randall Administrative Assistant Barnstable 508-771-6476
Karen Regish Purchasing Agent Amherst 413-253-4355
Martha Rheinhardt Coastal Wetland Restoration Project Manager Barnstable 508-771-6476
Carol Rickless Secretary Amherst 413-253-4350
Beth Schreier Soil Conservationist Amherst 413-253-4393
Estella Smith Soil Data Quality Specialist Amherst 413-253-4351
Vincent Snyder District Conservationist Greenfield/
413-585-1000, x133
Stephen Spear Soil Conservationist Barnstable 508-771-6476
Glenn Stanisewski Modelling Unit Coordinator Amherst 413-253-4384
Jacqueline Strickland Budget Analyst Amherst 413-253-4358
Kathryn Zichelle Sullivan Soil Conservationist Holden 508-829-4477, x114
Rita Thibodeau Team Leader - Cropland/Farmstead Greenfield 413-772-0384, x101
Gifty Torkornoo Financial Resource Specialist Amherst 413-253-4361
Julie Tosten Soil Conservation Technician West Wareham 508-295-5151 x121
Tim Tucker Program Assistant West Wareham 508-295-5151 x112
Catherine Ulitsky Visual Information Specialist Amherst 413-253-4387
Daniel Vellone Geologist (MA, CT, RI, NH, ME, VT, NY) Holden 508-829-4477, x115
Julie Weiss Administrative Assistant Westford 978-692-1904
Kristina Wiley Editor Amherst 413-253-4383
Stephanie Wilsen Natural Resource Specialist Westford 978-692-1904
Nate Winkler Soil Conservationist West Wareham 508-295-5151, x122
David Zimmermann Soil Data Quality Specialist (GIS) Amherst 413-253-4356