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Imperial Calcasieu RC&D

Imperial Calcasieu Resource Conservation & Development, Inc.

Imperial Calcasieu RC&D Logo

Imperial CalcasieuRC&D’s mission is to provide leadership through organized grassroots community involvement for the utilization of natural resources to improve economic opportunities and ensure a quality environment for an expanding population. Council goals and objectives were achieved through the following projects:

  • Tourism contribution to economic development
    • Peveto Sand Fencing and Vegetation Project
    • Beach Sweep
  • Stable agriculture and forestry industry
    • Livestock producers education
    • Mississippi River Basin Initiative
    • Prescribe Burning
    • Forestry awareness
    • Project WET
    • Clover Workshop
    • South Central Katahdin Association
  • Enhance quality of life through community development
    • Wetland Awareness Day
    • ATV Safety Programs
    • Rock Reed Sewer System
    • Water Festival
    • Entrepreneur Training Project
    • Senior Appreciation Project
    • Louisiana Non Point Source Pollution Control Best Management Practices

Imperial CalcasieuRC&D
2003 Port Drive
Jennings, Louisiana 70546
Phone: 337-824-0975 ext. 35
Fax: 337-824-9684

Imperial Calcasieu RC&D Staff

Desie Duhon, Coordinator’s Assistant

Cynthia LeBlanc, Watershed Coordinator

Imperial Calcasieu RC&D Officers

Deanne Duhon, President

Harold Matthews, Vice President

Wendell Bertrand, Secretary

Clifford Myers, Treasurer