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Kentucky Engineering Standard Drawings

All documents on this page require Acrobat Reader

Documents are 11 x 17 inches.

Acrobat Reader documents will print to fit paper in your printer

 Pipeline and Fountain-Water Meter   (PDF: 1 MB)

 Pipeline and Tank-Water Meter   (PDF: 800 KB)

 Pipeline and Tank-Pond or Spring, Single   (PDF: 800 KB)

 Pipeline and Fountain-Pond or Spring, Single   (PDF: 50 KB)

 Pipeline and Tank-Pond or Spring, Multiple   (PDF: 750 KB)

 Blank Plan Sheet   (PDF: 50 KB)

 Cross Section Sheet- Engineer's Scale    (PDF: 50 KB)

 Half (1/2) Cross Section Sheet- Engineer's Scale     (PDF: 50 KB)

 Profile Sheet      (PDF: 50 KB)

 Riprap Chute     (PDF: 100 KB)

 Spring Development and Watering Facility    (PDF: 150 KB)

 Diversion  (PDF: 100 KB)

 Waterway    (PDF: 100 KB)

 Pond Plan View     (PDF: 100 KB)

 Pond Drop Inlet Detail Sheet    (PDF: 100 KB)     

 Pond Hood Inlet Detail Sheet    (PDF: 100 KB)

 Embankment Pond Profiles      (PDF: 100 KB)         

 Excavated Pond w/Embankment- Profile Sheet    (PDF: 100 KB)

 Embankment Pond Profiles- Stock Water Pipe    (PDF: 100 KB)

 Stream Crossing    (PDF: 867 KB)

 Stream Crossing Rock Bottom    (PDF: 631 KB)