National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI)

All applications for funding consideration, during fiscal year 2012, must be received by June 15, 2012.

The National Water Quality Initiative will work in priority watersheds to help farmers and forest landowners improve water quality and aquatic habitats in impaired streams.  NRCS will help producers implement conservation and management practices through a systems approach to control and trap nutrient and manure runoff.  Qualified producers will receive assistance for installing conservation practices such as cover crops, filter strips and terraces. NRCS in Kentucky identified priority watersheds through the help of local partnerships including the Kentucky Division of Water. 

Kentucky Watersheds Eligible for the National Water Quality Initiative

Name of 8-Digit Hydrologic
Unit Code (HUC)
Name of 12-Digit HUC Number 12-Digit HUC
Lower Cumberland Bennettstown-Little River 051302050505
Lower Kentucky Clarks Run 051002050505
South Fork Licking Headwaters Hinkston Creek 051001020302

NRCS staff will provide technical assistance and planning tools to determine which conservation actions will provide the best results to improve water quality on your land.  To help install the recommended practices, financial assistance to share the cost of implementation is available through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).

Fact Sheet

National Priority Watersheds and Additional Program Information

Location Maps of Kentucky's Priority Watersheds for NWQI

To get started, contact your local USDA Service Center

State Contact:

Deena Wheby, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs
Phone: 859-224-7403