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Lori Baker Volunteers to Help Animals in Need

Lori Baker at the Lexington Humane Society Bunny HopLori Baker, contract specialist with NRCS, takes her volunteer work seriously because she knows what an impact she’s making on rescued animals.  After a day of work, Lori often heads to the Lexington Humane Society (LHS)where she volunteers over 600 hours a year.  Lori has organized local drives to collect supplies, local charity events to raise money, and is actively involved in the Doggie Bank Program, a 100% volunteer supported program which raises donations for the shelter animals. 

Lori Baker at Beastie Ball for Lexington Humane SocietyAll of these activities are beneficial to the animals, but some volunteer work at the shelter can be more challenging.  Lori provides foster care to cats and kittens that are too young or too weak to go up for adoption. Sometimes it is to provide a place to stay during their final days. She has helped with animal cruelty cases and driven hundreds of miles to help organizations rescue animals in need. She is currently seeking certification with the Humane Society of the United States to be able to help in times of national disasters.

One of Lori’s favorite programs at the LHS is the Second Chances Program. Second Chance funding makes it possible to help shelter animals in need of medical treatment that results in expensive surgeries, diagnostic tests, prescriptions, or specialized care.  The Second Chances Program even includes equine rescue.  The on-site LHS veterinarian provides medical services at a reduced rate to the shelter.  The animals are then moved to a foster home and are cared for by foster families until they are ready for adoption. Lori’s cat, Paxton was saved thanks to this program. Paxton spent several days trapped in a fence.  He was severely dehydrated and suffered multiple injuries which required extensive medical treatment to save his life.  Lori fostered Paxton as he recovered from two surgeries he underwent to treat his injuries.  His sweet disposition and spunky personality won Lori’s heart and she adopted him. 

Lori Baker at the Kitten Corner in the Lexington Humane SocietyLori’s desire to care for those who can’t care for themselves is evident.  She is not only a valuable member of the NRCS family, LHS values her too.  Her volunteer work has made an incredible impact on animals in need.  Great work Lori!