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Connie Brown Sturgill, Soil Conservation Technician

Connie Sturgill, Soil Conservation TechnicianConnie grew up in the small town of Whitesburg, Kentucky which sits on the Virginia border.  She always grew up loving the outdoors on their small family farm.  She learned to care for the few animals they had and help in the garden. Connie recalls what she learned as a child, "We were taught to take care of the land and the land would take care of us."

After attending Clinch Valley College in Wise, Virginia on a basketball scholarship, Connie completed her degree in business management and accounting, but she knew it wasn't the career that would make her happy.  She was headed back to school when she found out about a technician position that was open in the local Soil Conservation Service office (now Natural Resources Conservation Service). 

Tony Burnett, who was the district conservationist in the Letcher County office at that time, shared with the District Board about a soil conservation technician opening within the field office.  Connie's father served on the District Board and encouraged Connie to apply. She did just that and was hired in May of 1992.  Connie started out part time working out of the Letcher County office but servicing Perry and Letcher Counties as well.  Now, 20 years later, she covers eight counties and has expanded her knowledge of different landscapes and land uses in Eastern Kentucky. 

She really enjoys working with landowners and Conservation Districts.  Connie said, "I'm a small town girl and take pride in where I come from and the work that NRCS and the districts do in these rural counties." Eastern Kentucky has experienced its share of flooding and through Connie's work with the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) program, she has had the opportunity to help those affected by devestating floods. 

Connie has been married for nearly 20 years to her husband Carlos who works as a coal miner.  They have two daughters, Destiny (15) and Carla (13).  They are very proud of their girls who both play soccer, are involved in 4-H and are very good students.  The whole family loves the outdoors where they go 4-wheeling, hunting, fishing, and enjoy riding their Harley (motorcycle).  Connie said, "You never know where life will take you.  I hope the future has me retiring from NRCS and I continue to work and live in Letcher County, my home sweet home."