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NRCS Civil Rights Policy Statements and Posters

NB 230-15-6 EOP – Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) 2015 Civil Rights Policy Statement

The following documents may require Acrobat Reader.

And Justice For All (PDF, 160 KB) (REQUIRED PUBLIC DISPLAY, Red & White, 11 x 17)
Ask for a Receipt for Service (PDF, 503 KB) (REQUIRED PUBLIC DISPLAY)

Chief's Civil Rights Policy Statement (PDF, 134 KB) (REQUIRED PUBLIC DISPLAY)

EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity Counseling Program (PDF, 25 KB) (REQUIRED IN-HOUSE DISPLAY in 11 x 17)
Employee Assistance Program Poster (PDF, 73 KB) (REQUIRED IN-HOUSE DISPLAY)
Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (PDF, 260 KB) (REQUIRED IN-HOUSE DISPLAY)
Employees Rights - Federal Minimum Wage (PDF, 109 KB) (REQUIRED IN-HOUSE DISPLAY)
Employees' Right to Know (PDF, 651 KB) (REQUIRED IN-HOUSE DISPLAY)
Equal Employment Opportunity Is The Law (PDF, 185 KB) (REQUIRED PUBLIC DISPLAY, 11 x 17)
Firearms and Weapons Not Allowed in USDA Service Centers (PDF, 57 KB) (OPTIONAL IN-HOUSE DISPLAY)
Firearms and Weapons Not Allowed in USDA Offices (PDF, 56 KB) (OPTIONAL IN-HOUSE DISPLAY)
NRCS Anti-Harassment Policy Statement (PDF, 123 KB) (REQUIRED PUBLIC DISPLAY)
Occupational Safety And Health Protection For USDA Employees (PDF, 306 KB) (REQUIRED IN-HOUSE DISPLAY)
Prohibited Personnel Practices (PDF, 28 KB) (REQUIRED IN-HOUSE DISPLAY)
Rules and Regulations Governing Conduct on Federal Property (PDF, 323 KB) (REQUIRED PUBLIC DISPLAY)
Sexual Harassment (PDF, 189 KB) (REQUIRED IN-HOUSE DISPLAY, 11 x 17)
USDA Secretary Civil Rights Policy Statement (PDF, 79 KB) (REQUIRED PUBLIC DISPLAY)
USERRA - the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (PDF, 829 KB) (REQUIRED IN-HOUSE DISPLAY)
Whistleblower Retaliation (PDF, 38 KB) (REQUIRED IN-HOUSE DISPLAY)
Workplace Violence (PDF, 192 KB) (REQUIRED IN-HOUSE DISPLAY)