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Engineering - Ponds

The following documents require Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Excel, or AutoCad Reader.
Note:  Drawings are in AutoCAD format.

Form No. Standard Drawing Name Latest Revision Date File Format (.pdf) File Format (.dwg) Instructions Example
KS-ENG-400 Pond Cover Sheet 7/2007 KS-ENG-400 (PDF; 68 KB) KS-ENG-400 (DWG; 109 KB)   KS-ENG-400 Example (PDF; 104 KB)
KS-ENG-401 Profile and Cross Section Without Pipe 8/2007 KS-ENG-401 (PDF; 57 KB) KS-ENG-401 (DWG; 128 KB)   KS-ENG-401 Example (PDF; 77 KB)
KS-ENG-401a Profile and Cross Section With Canopy Inlet Pipe 8/2007 KS-ENG-401a (PDF; 69 KB) KS-ENG-401a (DWG; 158 KB)   KS-ENG-401a Example (PDF; 104 KB)
KS-ENG-401b Grid for Profile 8/2007 KS-ENG-401b (PDF; 42 KB) KS-ENG-401b (DWG; 60 KB)    
KS-ENG-409 C.M. Canopy Inlet 7/2003 409.pdf (PDF; 86 KB) KS-ENG-409 (DWG; 63 KB) KS-ENG-409-410 inst (PDF; 88 KB)  
KS-ENG-409a Drain Diaphragm 7/2003 KS-ENG-409a (PDF; 194 KB) KS-ENG-409a (DWG; 154 KB) KS-ENG-409a inst (PDF; 102 KB)  
KS-ENG-410 PVC Canopy Inlet and Anti-Seep Collar for PVC Pipe 7/2003 KS-ENG-410 (PDF; 120 KB) KS-ENG-410 (DWG; 61 KB) KS-ENG-409-410 inst (PDF; 88 KB)  
KS-ENG-411 Trash Rack for 12-inch to 21-inch Corrugated Metal Pipe Riser 3/2007 KS-ENG-411 (PDF; 178 KB) KS-ENG-411 (DWG; 179 KB)    
KS-ENG-412 Trash Rack for 24-inch to 36-inch Corrugated Metal Pipe Riser 3/2007 KS-ENG-412 (PDF; 175 KB) KS-ENG-412 (DWG; 104 KB)    
KS-ENG-413 Trash Rack for 42-inch to 60-inch Corrugated Metal Pipe Riser 3/2007 KS-ENG-413 (PDF; 190 KB) KS-ENG-413 (DWG; 165 KB)    
KS-ENG-414 Trash Rack for  Corrugated Metal Canopy Inlet 3/2007 KS-ENG-414 (PDF; 181 KB) KS-ENG-414 (DWG; 177 KB)    
KS-ENG-417 Cathodic Protection 7/2007 KS-ENG-417 (PDF; 193 KB) KS-ENG-417 (DWG; 86 KB)    
KS-ENG-418 Siphon Supply Line 4/2007 KS-ENG-418 (PDF; 179 KB) KS-ENG-418 (DWG; 135 KB) KS-ENG-418 inst (PDF; 50 KB)