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MO5 Soil Technical Note-14

Central Great Plains MLRA Region 5
MO5 Soil Technical Note-14

March 19, 2009

Subject: SOI – Substrata Materials Classification Decision Tree

Purpose. To provide a flow chart that will assist the Central Great Plains Major Land Resource Area (MLRA) Office Region 5 (MO5) field soil scientists in determining if materials are lithic, paralithic, densic, or skeletal

When discussing whether material is lithic or paralithic, three references are generally opened:

  1. Keys to Soil Taxonomy for the definition (page 25)
  2. Soil Survey Manual for test for cementation (page 173)
  3. Field Book for Describing and Sampling Soils for definitions of cementation classes (page 2-50)

The attached flow chart graphically displays and assists in guiding the field soil scientist through the thought process in making the decision as to whether material is paralithic or lithic.


State Soil Scientist/MO Leader

DIST: SS (MO5), MO Leaders – TX – CO – ND – MN – AR

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