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Soil Technical Note-12

Central Great Plains MLRA Region 5
MO5 Soil Technical Note-12

October 28, 2008

Subject: SOI – Copying Major Components to Convert and Use as Minor Components in the National Soil Information System

Purpose. Provide guidance for copying major components to convert and use as minor components in the National Soil Information System (NASIS)

Choose a fully edited major component that passes all validations and closely fits the properties of the minor component that is being documented.

Change the major component flag from “yes” to “no.”

Adjust component percentage to match supporting data (transects, etc.).

Alter slopes to represent slope of minor component within the mapunit. Some minor components are always on less sloping or steeper areas.

If slopes are adjusted, then check the land capability class for this component to see if it is correct.

Adjust the frost free days, mean annual air temp, mean annual precipitation, and elevation to match the major component.

Choose the correct erosion class for the minor component.

If erosion class changes, double check the surface thickness.

Check cover kind to ensure that it is still correct.

Remove component crop yields if populated.

Remove existing plants (component existing plants, component potential windbreak, component trees to manage). The vegetative information we present to the public should be for the major component only, planning and resource assessment should not be done for mapunit inclusions.

Check the geomorphic and landform data populated, to make sure it is within the concept of the mapunit and describes where this minor component occurs within that mapunit.

Check all text notes, datamapunits, components, and horizons to make sure they still apply and are appropriate for this component in the context of being an inclusion.

Delete any pedons from component pedon that were copied in with the component. List the pedons in the component pedon that were documented within the new mapunit. For example: in the Alpha silt loam, 1 to 3 percent slopes mapunit, several transects had Beta silty clay loam on 4 percent slopes recorded and pedon type was “mapunit inclusion.” In the Alpha silt loam datamapunit under the Beta minor component, only Betas from the Alpha transects with pedon type “mapunit inclusion” should be in component pedon table for Beta.

Rerun all validations.


State Soil Scientist/MO Leader

DIST: SS (MO5), MO Leaders – TX – CO – ND – MN – AR