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Soil Technical Note-10

Central Great Plains MLRA Region 5
MO5 Soil Technical Note-10

October 28, 2008

Subject: SOI – Process for Updating National Soil Survey Laboratory Data

Purpose. To provide the current procedure for updating pedon and classification information for pedons in the National Soil Survey Center (NSSC) National Soil Survey Laboratory (NSSL) Soil Characterization Database

Guidance in the National Soil Survey Handbook (NSSH) for updating the Index of Laboratory Data, formerly known as the SOI-8, is out of date and until it is updated, the process outlined in the attached guidance will be used.

All soil survey update projects should have as part of the work plan development, a review of existing soil survey investigations data. Review the location, control section depths, major land resource area (MLRA), county, and soil survey area (SSA) information and revise if it is in error. As Soil Taxonomy evolves and is revised, the classification of some pedons may also need to be revised; i.e., most former Camborthids are now Haplocamids.


State Soil Scientist/MO Leader

DIST: SS (MO5), MO Leaders – TX – CO – ND – MN – AR

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