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Soil\GIS Technical Note-Process for Adding Hyperlinks to Features in ArcGIS

Central Great Plains MLRA Region 5
MO5 Geographic Information System Technical Note-1

July 7, 2009

Subject: SOI – Process for Adding Hyperlinks to Features in ArcGIS

Purpose. To provide the current procedure for adding hyperlinks to features in ArcGIS

There are different methods for creating and storing hyperlinks. This guidance describes the method where hyperlinks are stored with the layer in your map document, or if you save the layer to an ArcGIS Layer file (.lyr). The hyperlinks are not stored within the shapefile or geodatabase itself. The benefits of this method are that you can define multiple hyperlinks for a feature and it is relatively simple.

This guidance also sets hyperlinks with relative paths to ensure that the project is portable and can be moved, copied, and shared with the hyperlinks remaining intact. Some steps in the following directions must be followed exactly to ensure that links are not broken when the project folder is shared or moved.


State Soil Scientist/MO Leader

DIST: SS (MO5), MO Leaders – TX – CO – ND – MN – AR

The following document requires Acrobat Reader.

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