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Wet Walnut Creek Watershed Site #53

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Kansas map showing location of Wet Walnut Creek Sub-Watershed #5 in Ness CountyThis project provided essential flood protection for agricultural land, roads, and bridges. This dam in Wet Walnut Creek Watershed had suffered erosion so severe that it was in non-compliance with state law.

Project Description

  • Location: Ness County, 1st Congressional District
  • Federal Funding: $250,040
  • Project Status: Completed December 2010


  • USDA—Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Wet Walnut Creek Watershed Joint District #58
  • Ness County Conservation District
  • Scott County Conservation District
  • Lane County Conservation District

Wet Walnut Creek in Ness County, Kansas is experiencing
severe erosion on the vegetated beach slopes.


The dam provides an estimated $72,200 in average annual flood protection benefits. Beneficiaries include each of the approximately 10,000 people in the area. In addition, 30 miles of stream corridor, with a floodplain that encompasses 50 farms and ranches, approximately 13,000 acres of agricultural lands, and seven roads and bridges are protected.

Economic Opportunities

This dam directly or indirectly benefits 10,000 people who live in or near (downstream) of the watershed. It protects 50 farms and ranches along the 30 miles of stream channel.

Statewide Perspective

Wet Walnut is a single purpose floodwater structure that controls over eight square miles of drainage area in west central Kansas. Approximately 3,454 people live in Ness County, where the dam is located.

Low water levels in the Wet Walnut Creek Sub-Watershed #5
have been an ongoing problem for years.

The information on this page may also be downloaded (requires Adobe Reader).

Fact Sheet - Wet Walnut Creek Sub-Watershed #5, Kansas (PDF; 118 KB)