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Lyon Creek Site #15

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Map of Kansas showing location of Lyons Creek WatershedIn rural Kansas, flooding is a frequent threat to farms and small communities. Lives and livelihoods are seriously impacted, and rebuilding efforts can strain local economies. Lyons Creek Site 15, a flood control dam, provides needed protection to critical resources, such as agricultural land, roads, and bridges.

Project Description

  • Location: Morris County, 1st Congressional District
  • Federal Funding: $871,391
  • Project Status: Completed September 2010


  • USDA—Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Lyons Creek Watershed Joint District #58
  • Dickinson County Conservation District
  • Geary County Conservation District
  • Marion County Conservation District
  • Morris County Conservation District

Photo of Lyons Creek flowing out of its banks.
Lyons Creek flows out of its banks and emerging crop seedlings
covered by floodwaters will not survive. Floodwaters cause other
problems too such as soil erosion, scouring, sedimentation, and
other water quality concerns.


The dam will provides the community over $33,000 in average annual flood protection benefits. Fifteen miles of stream corridor, with a floodplain that encompasses 45 farms and ranches and approximately 2,700 acres of agricultural lands, will benefit directly from improved flood protection. County roads and bridges used by residents are also protected from flood damage.

Economic Opportunities

The flood control project will provide the community long-term economic opportunities. Reducing flood damage expenses for farmers and citizens alike means resources are now being made available elsewhere—on productive, proactive investments in land, business, and infrastructure.

Statewide Perspective

Making sound investments in our rural communities’ infrastructure, including flood prevention measures, is critical to the long-term economic health of the state.

Photo of Lyons Creek out of its banks
Lyons Creek is out of its banks destroying newly planted crops.
The Lyons Creek #15 dam allows farmers to get their crops
to market by reducing the threat of flooding.

The information on this page may also be downloaded (requires Adobe Reader).

Fact Sheet - Lyons Creek Watershed, Kansas (PDF; 124 KB)