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Earth Team Awards - Photos

2007 Kansas Earth Team Volunteer Awards Photos

Edgar Hicks

Edgar Hicks presenting "How to Get the Most from Limited Precipitation" at a meeting sponsored by Kansas Black Farmers Association and Solomon Valley RC&D. Edgar Hicks
Darla Juhl, NRCS RC&D Coordinator, Solomon Valley RC&D; Edgar Hicks, President, Kansas Black Farmers Association; Jack Schultz, author of Boomtown USA; and Roger Hrabe, President, Solomon Valley RC&D Council at "Spotlighting USDA in Northwest Kansas" conference. Darla Juhl, Edgar Hicks, Jack Schultz, and Roger Hrabe

W.A.C.K.Y Day

Students learn about the value of compost with the help of Stan Slaughter, Kansas Department of Health and Environment Eco-troubadour. Students learning about compost
Larry Stone, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, gets ready to show the students a prairie mongoose–.a very "dangerous" animal that has a tendency to "jump" out of its cage at the students. The mongoose is actually a pelt that Larry actually throws at the students after making the box shake as he fights the mongoose and it jumps out of the cage. Larry Stone from Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
Mark Shaw, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, answers questions about the shocker boat that is used to do fish surveys. Mark Shaw tells students about fish surveys
Rod Boland, NRCS, uses a stream trailer to demonstrate stream bank erosion. Rod Boland at the stream trailer demonstration
Brenden Wirth, Farm Bureau, shows students ho crop residue affects the amount of soil loss on fields with the help of a rainfall simulator. Brenden Wirth with the rainfall simulator
Students take a break from the stations to enjoy games at the WACKY carnival during lunch. Students enjoying games at WACKY Day.
Step right up and spin the wheel of agriculture - land on terraces or windbreaks and you win! Land on erosion or low crop prices - you lose. WACKY Day game - Wheel of Agriculture
The members of the Kansas Natural Resource Foundation. (left to right) Daniel Moore, Vice- Chairman; Robbin Dibble, member; Jean Stapel, Chairman; Tonya Bonjorno, Secretary; Renee Schaffers, member; Kathy Stice, Treasurer; Teresa Webb, representative from the Solomon Valley RC&D. Kansas Natural Resource Foundation

Saying a final goodbye to WACKY Day 2007 with a group shot of all the students and volunteers.

WACKY Day 2007 group shot

Haskell County - Conservation Tour

Gary Headrick, NRCS, uses a stream trailer to demonstrate stream bank erosion. Gary Headrick demonstrates the stream trailer.
Conservation tour stop at the Gray County Wind Farm. Gray County Wind Farm