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2008 Kansas Civil Rights Achievement Award

Kansas Civil Rights Achievement Award - 2008 Recipient

Sheldon HightowerSheldon L. Hightower is the individual recipient of the Kansas Civil Rights Achievement Award for Fiscal Year 2008 for his contributions to the National Organization of Professional Black Natural Resources Conservation Service Employees (NOPBNRCSE) through his work as the Black Special Emphasis Program Manager (SEPM) and recruitment activities in Kansas. The NOPBNRCSE was selected as the group recipient of the Kansas Civil Rights Achievement Award for Fiscal Year 2008.

Mr. Hightower has been the President of the Kansas Chapter of the NOPBNRCSE for approximately three years. He was instrumental in arranging statewide meetings of the Kansas Chapter to include Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) summer interns in order to provide assistance in acclimating them into the NRCS culture. In addition, he has served on the nomination committee of the national organization for several years.

He provided leadership in conducting Black History Month awareness presentations. Mr. Hightower was responsible for obtaining speakers and providing the themes for each presentation. In 2008, John Drew, III, staged a reenactment of George Washington Carver and provided attendees with information about the Carver Campus, an intercity summer camp for children located in Kansas City, Kansas. The camp’s mission is to help children understand agriculture, soil, and food production.

Mr. Hightower’s recruitment assistance to Kansas has been invaluable. He has been instrumental in identifying potential candidates; maintaining a relationship with Langston University, even when Kansas was not actively hiring students; and participating in some capacity in most of the recruitment activities conducted at the state level. Mr. Hightower has also served as an unofficial ambassador/mentor for young employees considering the state of Kansas for career enhancement opportunities.