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2006 Kansas Civil Rights Achievement Award

Kansas Civil Rights Achievement Award - 2006 Recipient

Greg Bauer Greg Bauer, District Conservationist, Great Bend, Kansas, has risen to the challenge of actively practicing civil rights in conjunction with helping the environment.

Greg is working with an agency called Sunflower Diversified Services to manage recyclable materials at the Great Bend Service Center. This agency specializes in programs like assisted living, training, and job placement for those who are physically or mentally challenged. Through this agency, a small group of mentally-challenged individuals are assigned the responsibility of picking up recyclable materials at the service center. Currently, this task is accomplished every two weeks and has been successfully completed for over one year. Greg plans to continue his relationship with the Sunflower Diversified Services in an effort to provide employment to the disabled and promote the importance of recycling.

Working with agencies like Sunflower Diversified Services offers solutions to many of life's complicated issues. Greg's collaborative efforts have created a win-win situation that serves as an outstanding example of how practicing civil rights can benefit the individuals involved, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and our community.