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Earth Team Aids in Transition from Liability to Asset

Earth Team Aids in Transition from Liability to Asset

Doyle Easter greets visitors to the St. Francis Field OfficeWhen you walk into the St Francis Service Center in Cheyenne County, Kansas, you hear an enthusiastic “Hi!” Meet Doyle Easter. Doyle has been answering phones and greeting office visitors 25 hours a week while the conservation district seeks a new district manager. “Doyle has cheerfully completed office tasks for five weeks now—he has filled a real need in our office during this transition time,” said district conservationist, Bernadette Luncsford.

Doyle has volunteered with the Earth Team since July 2011. He started by offering to fold newsletters and other volunteer tasks he could perform from his home. Then he worked the Cheyenne County Fair booth for two years. He was looking for an opportunity to get out and do more when Cheyenne County’s district manager decided on a career change.

“Bernadette mentioned the need for a volunteer to cover the office and I thought this would be a good opportunity to get back out into the working world, get my last real foot in the door. I have taken pride in my life that I have been able to overcome various issues that caused me to become disabled and a single parent of three boys.” After losing his left leg in 2009, Doyle applied for positions locally but was told several times that the insurance companies had liability issues with hiring a disabled person.

“The most challenging aspect for me and my self-worth has been overcoming the stigma of being a liability. Being an Earth Team Volunteer has given me the ability to become an asset and regain my self-worth. I love being in the office, applying my knowledge and helping people. Thank you so much for the opportunity to show I am an asset.”